Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still only a penny!!! :)

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, Morgan & I went to an Easter egg hunt in Hudsonville. I had heard about it on the radio and I thought Morgan would like it. I was thinking it was outside so she was a little over dressed to be doing it inside but she still had fun! She was much more interested in the Easter Bunny (which SHOCKED me)! She did get a few eggs and had fun opening them to see what was inside!

A little behind...Georgia's birthday party

Well, we have been so busy around here and the blog has taken back seat! Things are going well here just SUPER busy! Loving this beautiful weather (as does Morgan who could be out in it 24-7!!)

A few weeks ago we were able to attend Georgia's third birthday! This year we went to DeAnna's Playhouse!! This was our second time there and Morgan loved it more this time then last! Plus, we have a pass to go back so hopefully we will be able to use that!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 months until we are 3

Crazy to think that in 4 months we will have a 3 year old! Hopefully the terrible twos will go with it! :) We love you so much Morgan and are so thankful for you! You have such a personality and the things you say make us laugh sometime! You are getting too big!! Love you!

Dancing Queen

A few weeks ago when I was working Subway, Neal brought Morgan in to visit me!! I was shocked to see her boo-boo! She was dancing in the bedroom and hit her face on the clothes basket! It is now gone but she still has a little red mark! She better work on her dancing skills!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Craig's "Cougars"

Last night we went to Craig's Cougars (as Morgan called it!) with Neal's parents, Eddie, Megan, Uncle Dwight, Aunt Von & Trevor!! We had a great time! I was nervous about Morgan not liking it because it would be over stimulating however she LOVED it and was very upset when we had to leave!!!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

What is going on?

Sorry for the lack of posting! It has been so busy at our house this week! What has been going on here...

On March 1, I started a new job! I am working as a part-time resource room teacher at Hamilton Elementary. The full time teacher's case load was too full and they needed to hire someone to finish out the year. I am considered a long term employee and I'm praying this leads to something permanent for next year! I will be working in the mornings starting this coming Monday (I worked 3 full days this past week!) I'm working with mostly 2nd graders and some 3rd graders!! I'm so thankful for the opportunity and excited to see what the future holds!!!
Going part time, I needed to find some extra income to make up what I would be losing if I was working full time! Back in high school & college I worked as an artist...Sandwich artist that is! I was hired February 22nd and started working on Saturday! I have worked five shifts all ready!!! Everything is pretty much the same except for the toaster (which I'm afraid of and get nervous every time I ask a customer "do you want that toasted"! and the computer! However, it will get better!! I know that I didn't miss the smell of onions and green peppers!!!
Like I said...this week I worked 3 full days and then they had off Thursday and Friday for conferences! I was asked to work at Subway on Thursday so we had Courtney come and babysit!! I student taught Courtney when she was in 1st grade (she is in 7th grade now!! Man I feel old!) They had a great time playing!
It never fails that Miss Morgan gets sick as soon as I can't take time off! We spent Thursday morning at the doctors office with her again! (a month ago we were there too! our insurance LOVES us!!!) They thought she had pneumonia again so they sent us to get chest X-rays! Thank goodness it isn't and she just has inflammation of the lungs (whatever that might be!) So we are on two meds and hopefully she will be her little normal self again soon!!! She did biff it this morning but I can't get a picture of her nice war wound! I'll try to get one soon!
Neal & Boomer are doing well too!! Nothing new with them!!! I think that is it for now!! Enjoy the sun!!!