Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Chicks

On Mondays and Tuesdays Morgan gets to go and spend time with both of her great grandparents! Mondays she spends the day with Great Grandma Burton and Tuesdays with Great Grandma Lynema! We are so thankful for both of them!

Today, Morgan was at Grandma Burton's and a few weeks ago Grandma got some baby chicks! Morgan has enjoyed them! Today she was teaching them doodle-doodle-do (Morgan's way of saying cock-a-doodle-do!) Here are a few pics....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What have we been doing

Sorry no pics!!!

What have we been doing...the weeks seem to be flying by! Before we know it summer will officially be here and football will be starting (well more then it already is!)

Neal has been staying pretty busy. He has been helping at the Zeeland Chix track meets. He also started working last night at Marro's as Bouncer. He said it is interesting to be sober and watch drunk people! He also has been practicing for softball since he is playing on three different teams this summer!


I have been staying pretty busy as well. Not sure where the time is going. Whitehall has been keeping me busy which is great! I love it there and I'm so happy to have taken the job. It does make me a little nervous since we are getting closer to summer and I'm not sure what I will be doing this fall but it is all in the Lord's hands and we'll just wait! I have two more shifts left at Perkins! I quit this past Tuesday!!! It was nice while I did it but it was getting too much. There are many reasons that I'm leaving and I won't say on this....I am going to be hostessing again in Saugatuck at Marro's for the summer and working at OAC in July. I also will continue to do my two homebound students which also keeps me pretty busy!


What can I she is currently running about the kitchen yelling/chasing/crawling after Boomer! We did learn she doesn't like thunderstorms! She does enjoy water now (which is a relief since I was wondering about this summer on the boat)! She loves throwing things in the toilet as well (not a good thing!) We continue to work on potty training but it just isn't happening very quickly! She is really starting to show her true self...terrible twos are coming! She also continues to grow!!! (Praise God!) I weighed her last night on our scale...26.8 (not sure how accurate it is but I would say pretty close!) I had to go and buy new clothes...really I needed to! Her belly (because of the inflammation) sticks out and no shirts fit her and her pants were getting too short!! Yippee! Part of the weight gain has to due with her love for Ketchup! This isn't a normal is something serious! I can't believe what she dips in ketchup! Anything from chicken, hamburger to APPLES (yes...apples!) She loves to dip!

Neal & Rachel:

We were able to witness my little cousin Lori get married this weekend. Lori has been like a little sister to me and it was crazy to think that she is now married! Congrats you two, hope you are enjoying Mexico!

We are also gearing up to do the Fifth-Third Run...Neal is doing the 5K (3.1 miles) and I'm doing the 10K (6.2 miles) That will be in 2 weeks and I need to do some serious running!

That's what we have been doing!

Monday, April 20, 2009

They're Hitched!

Eddie & Megan are hitched and we made it through the busy weekend! Morgan did awesome! She was getting tired right before the wedding and kind of fussy! So I handed her a handful of smarties and she was better!!!! It was a long day for all of us but so much fun! Congrats Eddie & Megan...hope you are having a great time in Mexico!

Hopefully the photographer got a better family picture!
The VanderZwaag Family!
Better start lessons soon!
Making our fish face!
Morgan & Kenton at the end of their ride! Kenton pedeled a tractor down pulling Morgan in the wagon! It was super cute! She is making her fish face jamming to the music!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Uncle Eddie and (soon to be) Aunt Megan are getting married tomorrow night!!! We are all in the wedding and I couldn't help but get this (somewhat) happy picture!! We are excited to have Megan "officially" in our family!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1 3/4 years old

Our little girl is much closer to 2 now then she was before!!! Crazy to think! She is growing up so quickly and we praise God that she is so healthy (besides the occasional ear infection!) Morgan continues to amaze us (and others)! She talks non-stop and will repeat anything and everything! Her latest is she will ask, "who's that?" or "where are you?" She is starting to answer her own questions too...after she asks them! She loves Mickey and Elmo and will sing the Elmo World song if she spots Elmo! She also learned Old McDonald (Or Old Farmer VanderZwaag) and she will say E-I-E-I-O in her own little language! She also loves singing 5 Little Monkeys! Morgan loves to dance her happy dance and loves to run around and just laugh! She is the light of our world!
We are so thankful that she is growing now and I'm thinking that she is getting taller too (her pants look like she is waiting for the floods to come in-hopefully summer comes soon then it won't matter!!!) We are just so thankful! Happy 21 months Sweetie!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hair Option

I'm trying to figure out what to do with Morgan's hair for Megan & Eddie's wedding! I'm thinking this might work!! :)


Holidays are always busy for us and yesterday was no different!! We started the day out by going to church.

This isn't as cute as what it was. When she first woke up, she sat right on Neal's head and said "Hi Dadda"! I'm sure that is what Neal wanted since the night before was Eddie's bachelor party! We put curlers in her hair to see what it would do. I'm trying to figure out what to do with her hair for the wedding this week!!! :)Morgan going through her Easter basket! Our attempt at getting a good Easter picture!

After church we headed to my grandma & grandpa Lynema's for lunch! After lunch the younger kids got to go on an Easter egg hunt.Morgan loves my aunt Sarah! She will talk about her the whole way to their house!

Morgan picking up her Easter egg on her first egg hunt. They were full of candy or money!! She was excited when she found the money one!!
She loves being by my cousin Jorden.
After my grandparents we headed to my other grandparents. From there we headed home for naps. For supper we headed over to Neal's parents for tacos! Morgan received another Easter basket from there too!!! She is well loved!!! We were busy but we are so thankful for the family that we have. We are also thankful for Christ dying for our sins to save us!

Zeeland Chix Basketball

This is a little old...

A few weekends ago we drove down to MSU to watch the Zeeland Chix basketball Semi-Finals and State Finals game!! We wished that the outcome of the final game would have been better, but we are still proud of our Chix!!!
Morgan watching the final game!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

The Lord has risen! He has risen indeed!
We wish you all a blessed Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


My dad came home yesterday morning. They still aren't sure what caused the infection but he is home! He has to go back next week for a check up and more tests. My mom said they both slept well last night...I'm sure!!!

Morgan's temperature has been up and down the past few days. It was slightly high (for her) yesterday! She still has this really nasty cough so hopefully she can get rid of that soon!

Thanks for all the prayers!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Grandpa B update!

I just got home from the hospital. He is doing alright and it looks like the infection has gone down a little. They still don't know what caused it. We are not sure how long he will have to stay either. So pray that he will be able to come home soon! He doesn't like the hospital real well and is sick of being there. He has had a few visitors from the hopsital that he knows so that has been keeping him entertained! He really wants a pizza and was trying to get one of the nurses to bring him up one with a beer but she said she couldn't do that! (She use to work at Marro's) So for now we pray for patience and healing!

Dr. Visit

Last night was a rough night...Morgan hasn't been sleeping well and last night was no exception! Plus, she has a nasty cold and a runny nose! This morning she woke up with a fever! So I called the doctor's office and was able to get her in! Double ear infection!! Great! Dr. Locke said those weren't very pretty looking ears!! So we are now on meds for 10 days!!! While we were there Dr. Locke wanted her weighed...she came in at a whopping 24 pounds 11 ounces! Dr. Locke was very impressed and so was I!!!! She is 50% for her weight! We are so excited and thankful for this exciting news!!!

News on my dad...he is still in the hospital. Feeling a little better! I'm headed up there now so I'll post more later! Thanks for the prayers!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Praying for Grandpa B!

Grandpa B (my dad) has been admitted to the hospital tonight! He has had a big red spot on his leg since Thursday. My mom took him to prime care Thursday and they sent him home with an antibiotic and drew a line around it. They said if it got outside the line to head to ER. So it hasn't gotten any better so to ER they went this afternoon. He is hooked up to an IV (needles are his favorite!) and they are just waiting to see what is going on. The spot is really red, hot and swollen.

Pray for him as he doesn't like hospitals (unless it is visiting his new granddaughter) and he doesn't like needles. Pray for my mom because she is tired, stressed and now home by herself (where she doesn't sleep good without him)! Plus they had Morgan last night who didn't sleep good so I'm sure they are both tired!!!

We plan on visiting in the morning so hopefully that will brighten his day a little. He is going to be there through tomorrow for sure and possibly Tuesday!
sorry for the OLD picture but I don't have any recent ones!