Saturday, May 31, 2008

What a HAM!!!!

Morgan is getting such a personality!!!! She is so much fun!!!! Today we helped my mom deliever a wedding cake to Ada...Morgan talked the whole way there!!!! Her favorite word right now is Mama!!! Neal tries to get her to say Dada and she responds with Mama! That's my girl!!!! She is such a chatterbox!

Monday, May 26, 2008

What a weekend!!!

It has been a VERY busy weekend at the VanderZwaags!

Friday Neal took the day off and met me at Tunnel Park. My students had a field trip with other CBIs and High School students. The weather was nice...a little chilly at first but I did manage to get my face burnt!!! Bobbie Jo took a picture for us but I haven't gotten it from her yet...when I do I'll post it. Morgan got to experience her first trip to the beach. One of many I'm sure!!!!

Saturday we spent the day at the garage sale. What a ton of work!!! We didn't do anything spectacular but hey...we sold some stuff which is nice!!! It is money in our pocket that we didn't have before! :)

Saturday night we went and visited my grandparents, uncle & aunts and cousins. They were camping in Zeeland with some other people. A friend from elementary/high school was also camping with them. She has a 8 month old little girl named Emma. Morgan & Emma had fun playing together and riding in the stroller. Well...they did until Morgan started beating Emma up! I think I have a bully on my hands!!!!
Sunday night we went over to BJ & Tami's for supper! That was a ton of fun and Morgan enjoyed being the center of attention!!!!

Monday morning we went to the Zeeland Parade and then to the Olive Township Cemetery. Lunch at the Olive Diner. The afternoon/evening was spent doing yard work!!! Hopefully, Neal & I will be able to move tomorrow!!!!!
It has been a very busy weekend but we are thankful for the men and women that have served our country for our freedom. We pray for those that are still serving our country (Kevin VanderZwaag, Ryan Veneberg, Matt VanDenBelt, and many, many more!) We are so thankful for the freedom that we have and we hope our troops make it home safely very soon!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What happens when Mommy isn't around

I am getting ready for our garage sale this weekend. I'm trying to declutter the house!!! I came from outside and this is what I saw!!!!!

Just like Mommy...loves ice-cream!!!! (Daddy will you get Morgan ice-cream in the middle of the Super Bowl???)

Getting into trouble!

Morgan has a habit of crawling onto things or places she shouldn't be! (Look at previous post of her under the bed!) She also enjoys crawling on the shelf underneath our coffee table. She thinks it is a slide! She has gotten better with getting off of the table. She use to nose plant into the ground!!! Ouch!

For some reason she loves to crawl up by the fireplace. We don't want her crawling up there because once we use it again it will be hot!!! So we keep telling her no...but as you can see...she made it!
In the morning we tend to "lock" her in our room while we are getting ready. That way she doesn't eat dog food! :) The other day she decided to crawl into the shower (after we had just used it!!!) This was the second time she had done this!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

10 Months

Well, another month done. It is hard to believe that our little Morgan is 10 months old already. Where has the time gone? Morgan has figured out how to get around. She is crawling all over the place (she has been caught a few times crawling the "correct" way), she can climb stairs, pull herself up and is able to get down. She can tell you what a dog & cow say (imagine those two animals!!!) She enjoys reading and getting into things she shouldn't be getting into. She has two teeth that are starting to break the skin on the top. So she is a tad bit crabby but we still love her!!!!! She is "talking" a lot more and when asked to say "dada" she says "mama" (that's my girl!!!) We are very thankful for the blessing that we have and continue to enjoy each day has she discovers new things!!!!

What have we been doing?

Sorry, it has been so long since I posted last. We have been so busy over here. I had a great first mother's day. Morgan gave me a coupon for a pedicure & a manicure. I guess I said after my first one I would like another one. So Neal priced them out and found the best deal! What a man!!! I'm thankful for both of them (and Boomer too!) The day was extremely busy!!! We had church in the morning, then went to my aunt & uncles, my grandparents and then back to our house and had Neal's family over. Then it has been something every night this week. Mother/daughter banquet, dinner with "aunt" Hillary, Megan's open house (congrats to Megan who finishes high school tomorrow!) and lots of softball games!!!!! Hopefully, next week isn't as busy!!!!!! Here are a few things Morgan has been doing....

I had to take a picture of this....Morgan was busy "reading" and she just kept making the dog sound. It was so cute!!!!

Boomer & Morgan looking out the window! Morgan loves to stand by the window and wave to the cars!!!!

When I get ready in the morning I usually let Morgan crawl in our room. I have to put the pink pillow up in front of the bed so she doesn't crawl under there. However, now she is getting so smart that she moves the pillow and still crawls under there!!! Now what should I do????

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tulip Time 2008

I have to be honest...I'm the worse dutch mom in the world!!! How can I have the last name of VanderZwaag and have a daughter that doesn't have a costume! I think Morgan was the ONLY baby down there without one!!! She did have her tulip shirt on but because Michigan weather was oh so wonderful you can't even see it!!! Oh well! She did enjoy watching the dancers! Next year I have already talked to my grandma and we are going to make her a costume!!!
Of course we had to have a picture in the tulips! I wanted to put her right in them but I didn't want to pay a fine!!!
I thought I better take a picture in front of Hope College.

The best part of Tulip Time...the junk food!!! Morgan is eating a french fry

Double fisting it! Look carefully she has one in her hand and one in her mouth!! (Eating with the left hand...just for Grandpa B!!!)

Spring time weather

Now that the weather is getting nicer, it means that I need to get out in the yard and get something done! Last night I got home at a decent time so I decided to get a little yard work done. I put blankets out for Morgan to lay on (lay on...who am I kidding!) Morgan crawled right off the blanket and was playing in the freshly cut lawn! She was loving it!!

After working for a little bit we decided to walk to North Holland Church where Neal & Joel were hitting some softballs around (softball season starts tonight!!) Morgan enjoyed the walk!!She did wake up eventually! So we decided to go for a swing ride! She loved this too!We are so excited to be able to spend more time outside. It helps Morgan sleep so well at night!!! She is going to be running through the yard soon!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Courtney

Last night Neal, Morgan & I attended our 5th (Morgan's first) birthday party for Courtney. I student taught for Courtney when she was in first grade (She is in fifth now!). I also "babysat" Courtney & Cory for two summers. We have stayed in touch with the Callaghans and love hanging out with them!!! At these birthday parties there are always a ton of "loud" girls. So as you can image Neal just loves it!! :) One year he paid money for them to be quiet (they still ask to play this game now!!) Last night I did have a thought...this will be Morgan in a few years!!! Hope Sean can come over and help Neal!!! Neal also has stories to tell about the parties in the past (Cake and Captain don't mix!) Thanks Callaghans for another fun party!!!!