Friday, January 22, 2010

1 year CD check up

Today we had our year check up for Morgan's Celiac. I'm excited to say that we don't have to go back for a year (unless something major shows up on the labs but not very likely!) Our little girl weighed in at 36.1 lbs! (97th%) and 35 1/4" (50th%)!!! We are so excited! When Morgan was diagnosed (almost a year ago) she weighed 20.7 lbs and was 30 1/4 inches long! We are so thankful for a healthy and happier baby!!! We love you Morgan Lynn!

Gum doesn't go...

Yesterday on the way home Morgan was chewing gum. This is nothing out of the ordinary for her...she loves gum and does a great job chewing it and putting it where it belongs....until yesterday!!!!! Up her I pulled over because now her nose is starting to bleed and she is having a hard time breathing...I have nothing with me to pull it out. It is 4:48pm so her dr. is closed. So I'm thinking I'm going to have to take her in when I think...farmer's blow! (I'm so thankful this didn't work backwards) I plugged one side and made her blow...out it came!! So no gum for a while!

Kix Cereal is now GF

Little things thrill us...especially when they deal with Morgie's diet!!! I have just learned some EXCITING news!!

General Mills, it appears, is on a roll. First it released its gluten-free Chex, then it unveiled those Betty Crocker gluten-free Baking Mixes, next it expanded its line of gluten-free Chex to include six flavors and now, as Gluten-Free Philly first reported Saturday, gluten-free Kix?

Can I say how much I LOVE the General Mills company! They have done great things!!!! Before Morgan was totally diagnosed with Celiac...she LOVED Kix! That was pretty much all we could get her to eat (which is crazy because it has oats in it)! So now we will have to go to Meijers today to pick up a box!!! (FYI...GM hasn't put GF on the box because they are concerned about cross contamination...however...make sure you still check the box...if there are no are good to go!!!)

Friday, January 15, 2010

2.5 years old

Holy Cows....our little baby is growing up! She is becoming such a big girl! She says the funniest things that will make you wonder where she heard that from. Like yesterday when my mom asked her to pick up her toys and she said "I always have to pick up everything" Where does she get this? She is talking non-stop (don't know where she gets that from!) She loves reading and actually is able to read a book to us (I guess that's what happens when we read it so much!!) She loves to dance and sing, loves music and loves playing games on the computer! Morgan loves watching movies and loves to play with her babies and kitchen set! She loves animals and loves being outside! It is so amazing to watch all the new things she learnes or picks up! She is a little sponge! We love you so much Morgie Lynn and can't believe you are already 2 1/2 years old!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sledding Fun

We went sledding last week with all my cousins! We had fun (Morgan didn't really like it but we made it!)

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Bathtime Fun!

Last week when Neal & I were doing laundry, Morgan took off all her clothes and said..."I'm taking a bath! This surprised us since she hates bathtime until I realized what she was doing! Crazy girl!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

Last night we went to Nate & Danielle's! We had a YUMMY supper and played Catch Phrase! We were also entertained by Morgan!! :) Thanks guys for a fun night!

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Two 2 year olds=TROUBLE!!

Yesterday, Morgan had her first friend over (her age and without her mommy!) Avery (from church) got to come and play for a few hours at our house! It was quite interesting. We picked her up and brought her to our house...on the way there I hear all this giggling! So funny! We got home and had some lunch. Then the fun really began! They loved playing with each other but at times would have difficulties sharing (which I expected!) You could tell both girls were super tired when Avery left! Morgan slept for 3+ hours and I know Avery slept a while too (I needed a nap too!)!!! Come again soon Avery!!!! It was funny to me to think that people do this every day! I give you lots of credit if you are a parent of a multiple! I had both girls on the potty at the same just cracked me up!
Eating lunch!
Being Silly!

Christmas with the Bonstells

We had a great time Wednesday night! We learned a new game (which I think would be fun if we played it more)! Morgan got her first computer! Which she loves and now can "check her email" Neal & I got a gift card to Logan's with a sitter! Yippee! Neal also got a card shuffler thingy..that's another story! Thanks guys for a great night! We are thankful for you all!

Stamp Art

Wednesday night Morgan decided to give herself some tattoos. Neal was in the shower and I was getting our salad ready for the Bonstells. It had been quiet for a while and I walked into our bedroom to find this...

In the shower she went! While she was waiting for the shower she looks at Neal and says "Bear"! She had stamped a bear on her (somewhere!) Needless to say this was a few minutes after she had rubbed butt cream all over her tummy! Two days later...she still has the tattoos!