Monday, June 6, 2011

Morning at the Salon

A promise that we made to Morgan was if she went 7 days without any potty accidents she could go to Denise's work (Tech Center) and get her nails done! Well, she finally did it! So she was able to get a manicure and of course I needed a pedicure!! I see a few more trips to the salon in our future!! Plus, a shout out to the tech center...they are cheap!! :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rural Rush 2011

This year I decided it would be best to walk and not run the 5K! As, I write this I'm wondering why I did that! I can't barely move this morning! However, I enjoyed the 3.1 mile walk with my mom! It is always a fun road race in the BIG town of Overisel! It's always fun to see so many people that I don't see that often.

Add to the 5k walk, Morgan wanted to do the mile fun run. We ran some but walked most of it. She did better then last year and I think enjoyed it a little more! We'll see what next year brings! She's already asking when she gets to do it again!

Love the cropped off picture...we have better ones on Neal's camera!

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

We had a busy Memorial Weekend. I was off on Friday and had my 24 week check up. The baby is doing well and continues to grow! Morgan was excited to help again! She enjoys putting me up in the air for some reason! We didn't do a lot at night since Neal had to work all three nights at Marro's!

Saturday we had my cousin's open house and my nephew's 1st birthday! Can't believe he is 1 already! Traycen is growing up so much! Love the way he and Morgan play with each other!

Sunday we headed to church and then we were suppose to head to the campground to visit my grandparents. However, mother nature changed that plan and we ended up going to friends house with my grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins for supper! It was just as fun. The rain did stop so we were able to still go to the campground for a fire!

We were able to continue our Memorial Day tradition this year (last year the parade was canceled!) We headed to Zeeland to see Grandpa Zwaag march. The parade was good and Morgan's favorite part was the fact that the fire trucks didn't blow their sirens! (she doesn't like the loud noise) . We also got to see Ryan in the fire truck!

After the parade we went to the cemetery. We did the service there and then had our annual picture with Grandpa Zwaag. This has become a tradition too! She's a little bigger then the first one! After the cemetery we walked/rode our bike on the memory walk to the township hall. Morgan made it about 3/4 of mile on her bike before daddy saved us and drove her the rest of the way! This year there wasn't the Olive Diner (which I was very disappointed about) however they still did have a good lunch and an ice-cream wagon! (need my calcium!)

After lunch we went back home and worked outside. Morgan ran in the sprinkler for much of the afternoon. Grandpa Tom & Grandma Cris came over with her "new" swing set. So then she played on that for a while too! (Thanks Hemmeke's for the new swing set! I'm sure it will get lots of good use!!) We enjoyed steaks on the grill for supper! A good way to end the weekend and start summer!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

May 26th was Morgan's last day of preschool. We were suppose to have a picnic but because of the wonderful Michigan weather that week we had to cancel it! Morgan had a great 1/2 year of preschool and loved her teachers too! It was so good for her to interact with others and learn too! We will miss it this summer but hopefully she will be able to go to Borculo Christian in the fall with some of her VanderZwaag cousins!

Morgan was very crabby this day so we didn't get a picture with her teachers...instead this is what we got!

Tulip Time

This year we went down and watched my cousin Allison dutch dance on a Friday night. We didn't get any junk food (minus the quick cotton candy for Morgs) and we didn't walk much downtown either. I had rear ended someone on the way home that day so we decided we would quick see Allison and then head to ER to check on the baby! Everything was fine and we praise God that no one was hurt!

As you can tell, Morgan was being her "normal" self!! She didn't want a picture with just Allison so I had to sit in too but they she wouldn't sit up! AH!!

A nicer one in the parking lot...oh my child!

Morgan and I did go down and watch the Saturday parade with my aunt and cousins. After watching the radar all morning...we finally decided to bit the bullet and go! Glad we did! It turned out wonderful and we enjoyed the parade!

Hopefully next year we will be able to take in more of the festivities and of course the junk food!!!