Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Over Load Update!

I mock my friend Keelie because when she up dates her blog she up dates for the month...well Keelie...now I'm waiting to hear from you....there will be lots of up dates coming!!!!!!

Our little runner

My dad had this brainy idea that Morgs should run the 1 mile fun run at the Rural Rush in Overisel. I decided to run the 5k. I had reservations about having Morgan do it but we figured we could stop at any place and turn around. After the 5k was done (which I won't tell you my time but I will say I ran the whole thing which is an accomplishment since I haven't ran 3 miles since May 2009!! I'm finally able to walk today and not be in such pain!!) we lined up for the 1 mile fun run. The plan was that Morgs and my dad would run it and we would watch them. That didn't work...Morgs saw me up the street and decided she wasn't going unless I was going with her too...since we weren't that far up I start going with her! AHH! The longest mile in my life (I think I would have done another 5k then to run this mile) but the fact that she finished the whole mile and when we came around the corner to the finish line and the football players are clapping and people are cheering for her...it was all worth it!!

Neal cut my dad's head off...I think I have a better picture on the camera! She loves her shirt that she got and I have a hard time getting it off of her!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was a great day...well...wait!

It started storming early Monday morning!! It hit hard at 7:22 and we lost power. We assumed everyone lost power...nope...just us! I called it in right away. We fell back to sleep.

We woke up later and found out the parade was canceled. We decided to head to the cemetery since that was still happening. After the cemetery we headed to the Olive Diner at the Olive Township Museum!
Then we went home and watched it rain and played in the rain since we still had no power. Morgs and I were able to shower at my BFF!!! Thank you! After talking with the nice lady at consumers they figured we had been struck by lightening so she said someone would be there in 60 minutes...no one came! I called again and then said someone would be out at some point but there was no restoration time. AHHH!!! We had this last year with no power on the fourth of July! Someone did finally come out at 8pm to only find out that our transformer was shot and another group would have to come back and fix it...it could be tomorrow, three days or a week...LOVELY!!!!! Praise the Lord the power was back on Tuesday afternoon!!! Hopefully we are done with power outages for the holidays this year!

Traycen Shelley

It's finally official...Sunday, May 30th, we became aunt, uncle and cousin!! Traycen Shelley Burton decided he would make his arrival when no one was expecting it (he wasn't due until the end of June)!! My brother and sister-in-law welcome this cute baby boy Sunday afternoon. Tray was 6 lbs. 4 oz and 19 inches long. He is currently still at the "Hilton" Hospital because of feeding issues. He needs to eat 58mls and is currently eating around 40-45...but just today he eat his whole feeding by bottle!!! Yippee!!!! It has been hard for Morgs because she isn't allowed in the special nursery and I can't hold him...so keep eating Traycen and we'll keep praying that you get to go home soon!!!