Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting the in the Christmas Mood

Tonight, Neal, Morgan, my mom & myself (with all of the brave people in Zeeland) stood and watched the Christmas parade in Zeeland! It was cold and Morgan could barely move but she loved it! Once we finally found our spot (that was fun!) She saw lots of dogs, horses and lights! The best part was Santa but she didn't care for the fire trucks that were behind it!

Happy Birthday Boomer!

Today is Boomer's 4th Birthday (that's 29 in dog years according to a website)!! He has had quite the ride in the four years that he has been alive!!! He was abused and then recused by a man in Mount Pleasant! Then Neal & I drove up there in April of 2006 (spring break road trip) to pick him up!! It has been interesting having him in our lives!!!! Happy Birthday Boomer!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Waiting for Daddy...not wanting to take a Thanksgiving picture!
Standing by her Turkey she made! A little happier now!

Happy Turkey Day (as Morgan would say!!) We pray that you are having a blessed Thanksgiving day! To be thankful all year long is what is important but I think on Thanksgiving it's a good reminder to be thankful. This morning we went to South Olive CRC for church and the message was to be thankful no matter what. Pastor Barton had two people come up front...he gave one a piece of pie! That boy was so excited! Then he gave another girl a piece and she was excited! The boy however wasn't quite as excited anymore...the girl's piece was made me think...I always want something better....I always want the "bigger" piece. I look at others and see what they have and wish I could have it. Instead I need to be thankful for what I have. My grandma & I just talked this week about being thankful even when you don't want to! There were so many times this summer that I wasn't thankful. I couldn't understand why God wouldn't allow me to get a teaching position. However, He has a plan (even though I'm not sure what it is yet), He has a plan! Be thankful in all circumstances.
Today, be thankful for the "piece" you have! Enjoy your day! I know I will!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, The VanderZwaags

Colton & Morgan

I always feel so thankful around Thanksgiving...I'm thankful for so much! Last December I made the decision to leave my job at OAC and take a job in Whitehall (actually this week last year I made that decision!!) Not knowing what was going to happen...well the lady who took my place lived right up the road from me! I didn't know her. Then I was able to work with her this summer (that's a different story...we were both SO nervous to work with each other!) Kristi and I got to know each other better and we have really become great friends! We haven't been friends for long but it seems like forever! We talk each day and typically see each other at least every other day! Kristi & Nick have a 6 month old who Morgan LOVES! She names all her babies Colton and she tells people she has a brother named Colton! Morgan couldn't wait for Kristi to call last night...PJ Party with Colton!

Thanks Nick & Kristi for a great time and a great friendship!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lori's House

These pictures are kind of old but Lori (my cousin) watches Morgan on Thursday! Morgan loves going to Lori's house. They always do something fun and they always finger paint Morgan's fingers & toes (nail polish!) Lori, I think, enjoys it too!

Lori & Morgan carved pumpkins a few weeks ago. Morgan enjoyed it once she got into it!!
She also brought her bike with her one day...I think she was outside by 8:30!!

Thanks Lori for watching Morgan!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

28 months

Little Miss Morgan is 28 months (or 10 years old if you ask her!) Before you know it she'll be 3! Where is the time going? It amazes me at how much she talks, remembers things and will talk about them weeks later! She LOVES singing and will break out in song anywhere (middle of Meijers, middle of Pastor Scott's sermon or in the shower!) We are not concerned about her speech....she will tell you everything and will hold a conversation with you! She is very interested in playing pretend and playing with play kitchen stuff, babies and she still LOVES books!! We are having some issues with melt downs but what 2 year old doesn't have that? We love her to pieces and are so thankful that she is in our life!!!

This past weekend she was able to spend the night at her great grandma's house. Every year for as long as I can remember, my grandma Lynema invites all the grandchildren over night when my grandpa goes hunting. Last year she asked Morgan but I wasn't quite ready for that...this year...I let her go willingly!! (date night for Neal & I!) Morgan was there with all of my cousins. They watched Marley & Me and had popcorn. Then they slept on the floor and were up by 7am! Outside playing by 8am! Let's just say she is still recovering! She had a great time and I'm sure she'll be talking about sleeping next to Andrea for the next few months!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Thank you to our men and women that served our country (and to those still serving!) Thank you veterans for making sacrifices and some paying the ultimate sacrifice for the things that we probably take everyday for granted!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Color! & Fudge Bar

Last night I went and got groceries (BY MYSELF!!!) I guess Neal had to use the potty and left Morgan watching videos (she loves songs on the computer)! I guess he was gone a while because she colored again! This wasn't the first time she has done this. She actually did this a week or so ago and the lines were almost we have colors though!

After supper Morgan decided she wanted ice cream! As you can tell she didn't each much!! I was for sure I would have to dump the shirt but thank goodness for Oxi-Clean it all came out!! What you can't see is there was a big wet spot under the chair because Neal thought she should wear panties (we have been doing really well with pull ups...not sure why he thought last night would be a good night to try this! She ended up in the shower when she was done!!! :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Can it really be the 8th day of November? I love this weather and I know Morgan does too!! What a great weekend! We were thankful we could actually enjoy it and didn't have any plans!

Yesterday, we went away with Kristi & Colton! Then we came home and played for a little bit, took a nap, played a little more and then went to the Bonstell's for supper & cards!

Today we were able to go to church, play outside and then nap! Morgan was excited to see the sun today that she wore her flip flops to church (so did her mommy and I'm sure we had some people talking about our fashion in November but...hey...we LOVE our flip flops!)

Not sure how much longer we will have weather like this but we are very thankful for it!
Shirt & thankful she had a pull up on! She was running around with her bare butt! (Sorry if anyone drove past and saw that!)
Sun Bathing!!
So tired...she couldn't even make it through lunch! Maybe it was the walk to Grandpa & Grandma Zwaag's that did her in!!! Get out there and enjoy the day!

Monday, November 2, 2009

My little Monkey!!

Happy Halloween! Morgan had a great time trick-o-treating this year! We also have enough candy to last us until next year! Neal has decided NO MORE CANDY AT CHURCH either (however...he doesn't realize how much she had prior to church!)
We started out by going to Neal's parents. Then we went and visited her "brother" Colton! We didn't get a very good picture because the monkey scared the puppy and made him cry!!

From there we headed to Hamilton. We stopped at my brother & sister-n-laws and then went to my parents! Our church was doing a trunk-treat so we went there! It was SO cold but Morgan enjoyed getting lots of candy! Then we went to both great grandparents, aunts/uncles, BJ & Tami's and our last stop...Ryan & Lori's! Morgan got a ton of candy and she had a great time!