Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We have SURVIVED!!

We have made it through Christmas! We had our little family on Christmas Eve. Morgan got a few new outfits, puzzle and farm animals. We didn't do too much for her just because we knew she would get spoiled by her grandparents (and she did!)

Christmas morning we woke up and went to church. From there we had lunch at my parent's house. We open presents and Morgan made out well there! From there we went to Neal's parents for supper and more presents!

Saturday night we headed to my aunt & uncle's house for the Lynema party (my mom's side). Morgan got more presents and got to play with her 3rd cousin/2nd?? (it's my cousin's kids)! Brayden & Kaila! I have a cute picture of all three of them but that will have to wait!

Sunday lunch we spent with the Burtons (my dad's side). We had a good lunch and then opened gifts. We don't really do gifts anymore but Grandma & Grandpa get everyone something. 40 dollars to Menards...will get us a little ways on the basement!!

Overall, Christmas was fun. I'm glad it is done and hopefully we can get Morgan back onto a schedule since that went out the window! I also hope to get my house back to normal before I go back to school on Monday!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Dear "Santa":

Whoever just put the card on our front door, thanks! We aren't sure who you are but we appreciate you! If we would have known you were coming, we would have left cookies and milk by the front steps!

Again, THANKS!! You are a true blessing!

Merry Christmas!!!

For unto us a child is born:
Unto us a Son is given!
Wow, a Son has been given to us! For some reason I just couldn't get into the Christmas spirit this year. I really have shopping to finish yet (thank goodness for a Saturday party!) I've struggled with buying the perfect gift for people this year. Usually I'm done shopping the day after Thanksgiving and here we are Christmas Eve and I'm still not done!!!
Tonight we stayed low key! I made turkey loaf (Neal's favorite!), mashed potatoes and rolls! Then we let Morgan open her gifts. We didn't go crazy because I'm pretty sure she is going to get spoiled by her grandparents! She got a few new outfits, puzzle and farm animals! Neal & I just did stockings since we really didn't need anything (Pictures will have to wait!) Morgan loved opening presents and got right into it! She is going to be so much fun tomorrow! We have to watch her now because she tries to open the presents under the tree! :( Tomorrow, we are off to church, then my parents for lunch and Neal's parents for supper. We have a party on Saturday and one on Sunday. I'm glad they are spread out a little!
Looking at the real reason of Christmas I'm reminded of the greatest gift of all. A baby born in a manager, wrapped in swaddling clothes. Tonight, Morgan and I read the Christmas story (a book given to her last year from a lady I use to work with). I had to speed read because Morgan wanted to keep going...and it reminded me of how we have been...speed, speed, speed...go...go....go! I sometimes forget to stop and just say thank you...thank you for the best Christmas gift that we could ever have. While reading Morgan would stop and point at the baby...that little baby was sent into this world to save us. What an awesome thing!!! I think having my own baby now makes me realize even more what a precious gift that was! On the eve of Christ's birth, I pray that you will stop from all the hustle and bustle and take time to say thanks.
From our house to yours....Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, I'm slacking on the blog! (I know...surprised I haven't heard anything from Kelly yet!) I looked all over the place for a USB cable that wasn't so expensive! Duh...e-bay!!! Found one for under $5 and it was free shipping! It should be here within 4-10 days (later probably with the holidays!) So hopefully we will be able to post pictures from Christmas!!!

Morgan has been super goofy these past few days! It has been so much fun being home with her!!! I'm loving it and so is she (she wants nothing to do with Neal lately because she spends too much time with me!) We are about ready to head out in this fun weather. I need to finish up some shopping yet! Friends of ours in Hudsonville haven't seen Morgan in a while so they want to watch her while I'm out! How fun!!! Enjoy your day!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

For some reason this isn't working now, so go to this link and check it out!http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/view/N3isCx2jCfFv3nOR

This is funny! Neal must have had a lot to drink to dance this way!!! Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Meeting Santa

So, after reading Jen's blog about taking Liam to see Santa, I decided it would be fun for Morgan too! Treehouse Book store in Holland has Santa come and visit and it's free!! So I brought my camera and we waited to see Santa. We got up to him and Morgan starts screaming! So I hold her and we talk to Santa. Then Santa says, "why doesn't mommy get in the picture too" So these nice people behind me offer to take our picture. My batteries are dead! So hope you enjoy our picture...oh wait there isn't one!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Naked Baby

So we have been slowly trying to get Morgan use to going potty. It is going to be a long process and according to my dad..."SHE ISN'T READY!" but I have talked to other people and they have trained at 18 months...so we are trying! Anyway, last night when we got home I put her on the potty. Well, she has this habit of "yelling" for Dada...so she said she was done and got out and continued yelling for Dada. So once Neal realized she didn't have a diaper on he thought he needed to take pictures! He wanted a butt shot but I told him that wouldn't be appropriate! So here you go!

New Food

Morgan has found a new food that she loves (thanks Lindsey!) KIX! She LOVES them. She could eat them all the time and the whole box if we would let her. The dr. says that they are ok for her to eat so we will continue to feed them to her!!! Whatever it takes to make her gain some weight!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reading with Daddy!

This is so cute!! I haven't heard Neal read to Morgan before! Hope you enjoy it! I didn't realize you really can't see them...I guess just listen!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

17 months!

Our baby is 17 months old! It's amazing to me that two years ago about this time we were making the big announcement and now Morgan has been with us 17 months "in the outside world" She continues to make us laugh and continues to amaze us with what she knows! Morgan talks a lot...well lots of "words" come out of her mouth! I feel bad for Neal...the poor guy doesn't have a pray of saying much! Morgan is starting to "mock" our words more and more. Which is good and bad...we need to start watching what we say! Morgan has learned her body parts and it is fun to ask her where they are. She loves to read, sing and follow Boomer (or JJ or Zoe) We are just so thankful and give thanks to God everyday for bringing her to us!

On another note, we went to the doctor today for a weight check...she GAINED (yes, you are reading that correctly!) About 2 1/2 ounces...not much but it is a positive in the right direction. Dr. Locke said we needed to come back in six weeks however, we have to go in about a month for her 18 month check up. Hopefully she will continue to gain more weight!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa B

Morgan wants to wish Grandpa B a very happy birthday! Can't wait to come over and play tonight!
This isn't the greatest picture of Morgan and Grandpa but it will have to do!! I still can't up load pics so we couldn't record anything!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Results are in!

Nurse Judy called this afternoon and told us that Morgan has NO food allergies! YIPPEE!!! She has to go back on Monday with Neal to have her weight checked. They are also going to talk about the results more in detail. Hope Neal can take good notes! :) We are so thankful that there isn't anything wrong with our little Morgie. We hope that she starts eating more soon and gains some weight! Thanks for the prayers and thoughts!

Fun in the snow

Last night, Morgan and I went out and played in the snow. I thought a little fresh air would do her some good! She didn't really know if she enjoyed being in the sled but I don't have boots for her so she had no choice! I wasn't going to carry her since she weighed an extra 10 pounds!!! This isn't a very good picture of her either...but this one will have to do since the other two that I took looked worse!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where are we?

It has been a little crazy and stressful here at the VanderZwaag's! Morgan's tests all came back "normal" and we were waiting on the food allergy one! That one hasn't come back yet...actually Morgan got the "flu" (we think) yesterday and threw up twice. So I had called the doctor to let them know just in case it is something else and the nice nurse (she was actually nice-It wasn't Cindy!) called me back and said that she would document it and that the food allegery test didn't come back and that we had to do it again. There was a "malfunction?" What does that mean? Either they forgot to do it or they messed it up...either way it meant that we needed to go back and have more blood drawn. My poor little girl! She will now have two bruised arms! Hopefully those results come back tomorrow or Thursday!

Last week Friday we had the VanderZwaag Christmas party. A great time was had by all. It was great catching up with everyone. It is amazing to me that we all live so close yet we don't see everyone that often! Some of us (not me) played a crazy game...I don't remember what it was called but there was lots of excitement!!! We also had a visit by the Olive Township Fire Department because someone (the person will remain nameless) pulled the alarm. We were thankful it wasn't a "real" fire but I don't think the firemen were real happy! Oh well!

Everyone waiting for the fire department

Today I started Christmas shopping. I'm just not in the mood this year. I did get a few things...still lots to do!

I think that is about it. Hopefully we'll get some pictures soon!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prayers Please

Up Date!!!!!!

Neal talked to Dr. Locke this morning. Everything came back normal! Praise God. Thanks for all the prayers! We are just waiting on the food allergy test which won't be back until Monday. Food Allergies...we can deal with that! :) Hopefully it isn't that either!!!! She needs to go back on the 15th to check her weight again! Thanks again!

We haven't heard anything yet. I called yesterday and talked to my "favorite" nurse Cindy...who was oh so helpful again. She said it was in progress yet and that they were leaving in a 1/2 hour for their Christmas Party! NICE! Neal is calling this morning as soon as they open!!! So we'll keep you posted! Thanks for all the prayers!

My camera won't let me up load pictures for some reason so there are no pictures in this post!

Yesterday, we took Morgan to the dr. to check her ears. They are all clear! Praise God!! However, she lost another 2 ounces in 3 weeks. So the doctor ordered some blood work to be done! So we head to the hospital (with my mom...for support!) The lady that took the blood was awesome. She found the vein and took the blood. They also wanted to get a urine sample and of course that was what took the longest! We finally got her to go potty after about an hour of waiting! The dr. is checking for everything. She doesn't know if this is what is "normal" for Morgan or if there is something going on! So please pray!! We hope to have the results today! I pray that it isn't anything and that it is just the way she is!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holland Parade of Lights

Tonight Morgan and I were in the Holland Parade. We got to ride in the nice and warm truck! Sure glad we didn't have to walk since it is so cold out! There were a ton of brave (or crazy) people out there!!!!!! Morgan even got to see Santa and the Ms. Claus however she didn't want anything to do with either one of them!