Monday, March 23, 2009

Day at the Farm

On Saturday we were able to spend the morning at the Critter Barn in Zeeland. We were there celebrating Morgan friend's Georgia's second birthday. There were about 10 other kids there with their parents! We had a ton of fun! Thanks Penningtons!

When we first got there we were able to see the goats! Morgan totally freaked out! I was like great! After we left the little area we were able to take a few of the goats out and we made a fence for them to run around it. Morgan liked this and would try to pet them.
After the goats we went to the bunnies. She liked this too and there were even a few that she would try to pet.

From there we went to the cat cage! Oh my, I think the old lady lost her cats and they all ran to the Critter Barn! There we so many cats in this cage!!! Morgan was excited to go in there but once in there she didn't really pet any of them. This was her picture in the cat cage!
They also put out some little chicks to pet.
From the barn we went outside and fed the ducks. This was an adventure...try to walk through the duck yard and not step on any pooh-pooh! Once we put the feed in the buckets we had to walk around the pond so the ducks would go to the food. It was quite interesting!
After the ducks we headed to the sheep barn. We had to put new straw down on the barn floor. After that we were able to pet a baby sheep. Morgan wasn't too sure of this.
Once we were done with the sheep barn we washed our hands and headed to At the Diner for brunch! This was a picture of Morgan waiting patiently for Daddy by the piggy!
It was cold but we had a great time at the farm!

Nap Time

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Eddie

We wanted to wish Uncle Eddie a happy 23rd birthday! It was yesterday but we had a crazy day! We didn't forget but I just didn't have time to post! I will post pictures from our adventure yesterday at the Critter Barn!

Happy Birthday Uncle Eddie!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Playtime with Daddy

Yesterday, I had to work! Neal decided to take Morgan outside and enjoy the beautiful weather that we are having! She even wanted to go back outside last night (she stood by the door and says "walk, walk" that means outside!)

walking up and down the driveway! You have to watch her more this year! She is fast too!
She loves pushing the shopping cart all over the place! (Thanks Hemmekes!)
She even walked through the field to Grandma & Grandpa VZ! Before you know it she'll be doing it by herself!
Her famous fish face! She puckers her lips and pushes out her cheeks! So cute!

20 months!

20 months already (4 months til 2...ahhh!) Morgan amazes us everyday by what she says and does! We are so thankful for such a happy & healthy (now!) little girl! She talks non-stop! It makes me laugh when we are out and people are amazed by what she says! She will repeat anything and everything (the good and the bad!!) Morgan loves to read, watch Veggie Tales & Mickey! Loves Elmo, loves playing (inside and outside) and loves being with Mommy & Daddy! We continue to work on potty training...someday...I hope! She is also really starting to be "naughty" and laughs at you when you are telling her no! We are in for it! However, we wouldn't trade her for anything! We love you Morgie! Happy month day!


Morgan has really taken a liking to her feet! She has always loved playing with them but lately we will catch her doing this (FYI...I can do it too! If you were wondering where she got it from!!!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dancing Queen

This is a stupid song that Neal plays off of YouTube! I think it is so dumb but Morgan LOVES it! She will dance to it and ask for more! Sorry it gets a little long!

Talking on the Phone

Morgan loves talking on the phone! She will walk around the house with the phone and occasionally will call people! She talks non-stop when no one is there but once you give her the phone she freezes right up! So funny! Sorry the video is so dark!

Random pictures

We have had an eventful weekend. Morgan ended up getting sick on Friday and Neal & I got it yesterday. So we didn't get a whole lot done yesterday! I went to work today and Neal stayed home with Morgan. We are all feeling better but tired since we haven't slept that great the past few nights plus the time change!

chilling with Daddy!

smiles with Mommy

Being silly on her bus! She was riding with the seat up and holding a water bottle!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Prayer Request answered!!!

Neal & I have been discussing how we felt that Morgan was weighing more! So last night I put her on our scale at home but I didn't think it was correct. So this morning I was able to get her in the doctor to weigh her! A month ago Friday was the first time we went to Dr. Conrad's office. She weighed in at 20 lbs 7oz and 30 1/4 inch. She will be on her diet for three weeks this coming Friday! I'm happy to announce that Morgan came in at a whooping 23 lbs 8 oz and 31 inches long!!!!!! Yes!!!!! 3 lbs (plus an ounce) in four weeks!!!!! (yes, the scale at home was correct!!!) We are so thrilled and happy!!!! Praise God!!!!!!

Also, this week we have been watching my parent's dog, JJ. It has gone a lot better then I had thought it would (minus Boomer getting lose the first day, JJ peeing on our floor and scratching Morgan under the eye) all has been well! We are anxious that they will be back tomorrow!! Like I said, Morgan has a black and blue eye (well underneath it) and then this morning she ran into the entertainment center and has a beautiful goose egg on her forehead!! Great!!! Hopefully that will be gone by next month for Uncle Eddie's wedding! I may have to put her in a bubble until then!
This is old but I thought this blog needed some pictures!!! :)