Monday, August 24, 2009

Potty Time

This is where we spend 90% of our day now! About a week and a half ago, Morgan decided she was ready to use the potty more! We are so proud of her!! She is starting to tell us if she has to go and she will tell you if she did go in the potty (Yes, she announced it yesterday in church!!) We are still wearing diapers at night and nap time (which hasn't been happening lately) BUT we are cutting down on diapers!!! Yippee!!! Good Job Morgie! The end of diapers will happen!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Driving with Daddy

Yesterday Morgan asked Daddy to mow the lawn! This may have been the first maybe second time that she has been on the tractor! She doesn't do well with the loud noise!! I wish this picture was closer because her headphones are smooshing her face!

25 months

Crazy to think you are 25 months old! We can't believe how quickly the time continues to go! We love you so much and enjoy watching you grow and learn everyday! You are so smart and you talk so much! You love singing "Jesus Loves Me" (the whole song by yourself!) and the "Wheels on the Bus"! You will count to 10 and you say your ABC's (well...ABC!!) You also will say your first & last name, your birthday, age, that you are a girl, and what road you live on! You also have been going potty on the big girl potty this past week!! You love swimming too now if we could talk Grandpa & Grandma Burton into getting a cottage!!! :)
We love you so much sweetie! Happy Month Day!

Mommy & Daddy

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grandpa Zwaag & Morgie sleeping on the couch together! What a sight!

Play Dates

Thursday I got together with an old co-worker! She has a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old! We had a great time! We played outside and went swimming in their "huge" pool! Thanks for a fun time!Thursday afternoon we were able to watch Lena for a little bit too! Morgan had a nice surprise when she woke up from her nap! Lena was able to eat dinner with us too! That was intersting! :) They look so much a like and played really well together!

Park Party

This past Wednesday we had a VanderZwaag Cousin Park Party (without Maranda!)! We had a great time fellowshiping, playing and eating (we also had great weather!) We are planning on doing this again on if you are a VanderZwaag cousin and you need the details...give me a call!

Ruby being silly!
Jackson & Morgan
The three girls that are within in months of each other! Look out world!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ice Cream

Saturday night we went for ice cream! I feel bad that Morgan won't be able to eat ice cream cones...however, she has found her own way of eating it! She licks it out of the bowl and refuses to use a spoon! She ended up with it all over her face but she was happy! She also didn't want to sit by us so she sat on the step!


This past week (Thursday-Saturday) we were able to go camping with my mom's side of the family. Morgan & I stayed with my parents Thursday night and then Neal came out Friday night/Saturday morning! Morgan LOVED camping and everything that went with it! We were able to go swimming Thursday & Friday for about 2 1/2 hours both days! SHE LOVED THE WATER!!!! I think she also loved swimming with her cousins! She was able to feed the animals and pet them. She was so funny! She even kissed a goat (multiple times!) Neal is now trying to convince me to get a goat! (NO!!) She went for a hayride on Saturday with Ben, Cora & Andrea! She enjoyed popcorn by the campfire and sleeping in Grandpa & Grandma's camper (and their bed!) We were hoping to take the boat out on Saturday but we got LOTS of rain on Saturday so that didn't happen! Hopefully we'll get to go camping again soon!!! Thanks Grandpa & Grandma for a fun weekend!
Everyday at 4pm the owners come and feed the animals. They allow the campers to help! Thursday Morgan, Ben & Cora were the only ones there to help! They loved it!
Thursday night we had "nummy" sweet corn!
Hanging out with Grandpa Burton
This was Friday morning...sleeping with Grandpa & Grandma
Feeding the animals on the boots! Lots of kids too!
Practicing her super model pose!!!
Feeding the chickens
She was chasing the chickens to get them to eat!
On the hayride with Andrea!
I took no pictures of Morgan in the water! I have two of her wearing my cousin's goggles but that is on my parent's camera!! I promise...she was a TOTAL water rat!

Going Boom!

Last week, "Aunt" Hillary willingly volunteered (after twisting her arm) to watch Morgan for me while I had my interview. "Aunt" Hillary took Morgan to her school. When we left (under mommy's watch) Morgan fell on the cement. Face frist! She cried a little and we had a little blood but it has healed pretty nice! She did enjoy telling everyone about her "owie!"