Monday, October 18, 2010

11th Family Hayride

Well, we think it was our 11th and we couldn't have asked for better weather! We had lunch at my aunt and uncle's and then went on our hayride. We had 32 people there and we have gotten so big we had to have two wagons this year! My dad drove one (with my help!) and my uncle Eric (with Ben's help) drove the other one! It was a great day with great weather and great scenery!

Morgs getting ready with my cousin Allison

The other wagon driven by my uncle

Next year's driver!! Oh my watch out!
Morgs bringing the tractor back with my dad! She is becoming so brave!

Early Tricker Treating

Last weekend we went to Dutch Treat Campground. My grandparents were camping there and invited us out to visit. Every year they do a Halloween weekend. It was so much fun and they had a ton of activities for Morgs! We couldn't have asked for better weather either!

The group getting ready to get some candy! The campers hand out candy! Morgs made out like a champ!
Cora & Ben (my cousins) and Morgs
On the hayride!

Homecoming Parade

Morgs was able to ride in the homecoming parade with my dad! She held her ears the whole time since the fire trucks were right behind her!

Go Chix

We have been so busy with football this fall. It seems to take up every night (well it feels like it anyway!) Neal's team has been doing really well. I think they have one loss and we have two games left! Morgs loves going on the field and hamming it up with the guys!! They are all so good to her!
The varsity team has been doing awesome this season too! So we will be following them in the playoffs (well, Morgs and I will since Neal scouts for them) Hopefully we'll be at Ford Field over Thanksgiving!