Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Alright, so here it is not even 8! We have been (well, Morgan has been awake) since 7am! This is so not like her! She usually sleeps anywhere between 8:30-10! Anyway, I finally decided to get up too since she had been crawling on me! She decided she wanted down...the next thing I hear are little grunts! So I quickly take her in to the bathroom only to find out she was already done. So I have her sit on her potty but she is only there for a second. I sit down to go potty (sorry too much TMI!) and the next thing I know she is standing on the Detroit Lions rug and it is looking like she is peeing on Boomer's bone! (I don't have my contacts in yet so I can't really tell!) Great! So I finish on the potty and look...Oh no, she just pooped on the rug!! AHHH!!! I don't think she quite gets it yet!! There is your laugh for this morning!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Results

The results of the biopsy came back just how we thought they would-Celiac Disease! Nurse Hillary confirmed them today. Our next step is to talk with the dietitian. We don't have to go back to Dr. Conrad until July. We have adjusted Morgan's diet slightly...we haven't really "read" labels but we know enough "safe" foods to feed her. It was interesting getting groceries last night because there are so many things out there that have wheat in them! Morgan seems to be much happier and is starting to eat like a champ! (2 eggs and 3 sausage links for breakfast!) So hopefully in short time her belly will be completely healed and she can continue to be that fun and silly little girl! She still questions things that before would hurt her tummy (crackers) because we have gotten her "safe" crackers. So it will take a little time to adjust to this too! Thanks again for the prayers and support!

Monday, February 16, 2009

19 months

Yesterday, Morgan turned 19 months old. It is so amazing to me how quickly time goes. That also means in five months we will have a 2 year old!! AHHHH!
Morgan brings so much joy and life to our family. Looking back we can't imagine life without and we are so thankful for her! It also amazes me at how much she is learning and repeating! She is a human sponge!!! Friday at the dr. they asked if we saw any development problems with her and I laughed!! Absolutely not!!! She is a smart little cookie! She knows tons of words. Her favorite right now is ot oh (or something like that!!) when she drops something (which she'll do just to say it!) She knows tons of animal sounds and will count to three and tell you that she is 1! We have been working on ABC's (repeating) and we get to about G and she loses interest! Potty training hasn't gone as planned (she will pee in the corner for you) She loves to dance, smile and giggle! We are so thankful for her and the joy she has brought to us! Happy Month Day sweetie! We love you!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scope Test

My mom, Morgan & I arrived very early for our appointment (miss calculation on my part!) We were able to get taken into the room early (8:50 instead of 9:15) so it wasn't that bad!!! They hooked IV port thingy up and then we were ready to move to the next room! Dr. Winters put the med into Morgan's IV thingy and within 20 seconds she was sound to sleep. My mom & I said I tearful good byes and off to the waiting room we went. About 15 minutes later Dr. Conrad came back with pictures of the stomach, small intestine and esophagus(which...didn't really impress me since I'm not sure what they are "normally" suppose to look like!) He is pretty confident that Celiac is what Morgan has but we have to wait about a week for the biopsy results to come back. We were able to get back to the room and waited patiently for her to wake up! After a few cold wash clothes she finally woke up. She drink her milk and we were on our the car ready to go at 10:30!
I met BRIEFLY with the dietitian who will be calling next week. Once I talk with her and we get the final results we will begin this life long journey and diet!
Again, thanks for the prayers!
Before heading to the "operating" room
Out like a light!!! Taking a "hard" nap!
Where they put the IV. We found an excellent vein if we ever need more blood work!! We should have painted her toes!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

We have been having a rough few days at the VanderZwaags. Morgan had a high fever on Sunday night (102.5!!!) and a cold!!! So we haven't been sleeping real well at home! Wednesday I needed to run our tax papers back and pick up Valentine's for my kiddos! Anyway, Morgan fell asleep (this was at 10:45!!!)
Tomorrow is the day for the scope! We have to be there at 9:15 and the scope is at 10! It will be a long morning because she can't eat after midnight and no liquid after 6am!!! Meaning NO milk in the morning!! How do you explain that to an almost 19 month old?? Please, pray that everything goes smoothly (and quickly!!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Morgan & her boyfriend and being goofy

A couple weeks ago I was in nursery for church at night. I was in there with Morgan's "boyfriend's" sister, so of course Soloman wanted to stay and play too! He couldn't kiss her though because he had a cold and I think his mom really told him not too! So cute!!! Last night Morgan was talking on the "phone" to Soloman. Funny!!!!

Yesterday, was a crazy day. It was just busy running here and running there. Morgan ended up with a fever and cold early Monday morning (1 am!) She was burning hot! Last night I went and had the taxes done and came home to Morgan being Morgan again! She still has the cold but her fever broke! Thank goodness!!!!

She is such a hoot when she gets in one of her goofy moods!! Makes your day so much better watching her and hearing her giggle!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meeting the Doctor

Yesterday, Neal, Morgan & I went to Morgan's first doctor appointment at the gastroenterologist. We met with the nurse practitioner, Hillary (SUPER NICE!!!) I thought that this appointment would have been more of going over her diet but instead it was more of a doctor appointment. They weighed her and I'm proud to say she is now 20 lbs 7 oz (she gained 3 ounces since the 26th!!) Another fun fact...this is the exact same weight that she was when she was 9 months old!!!! Crazy!!!! We also met Dr. Conrad (Goofy man but really nice!) He will be doing the endoscopy next week Friday. Dr. Conrad is 95% sure that she has Celiac Disease and the endoscopy is the final test they do to make sure! It will take about 20 minutes! So I'm thankful for that...Morgan won't feel anything or know what is happening and I'll be there when she goes to sleep & wakes up!! We also hope to meet with the dietitian next week but she is busy as of now but will give us a packet of info and meet with us if she can! So that's where we are at. We don't have to officially start the diet yet but we kind of have been watching what she has been eating!
Again, thanks for the prayers!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Appointments

This was my conversation with the ped. gasterologist yesterday...
me: Yes, I'm looking to see how far out you are scheduling appointments right now. My daughter was just diagnosed and I'm just checking to see how long we have to wait.
The lady: Let's see if she is on our schedule yet....I don't see her. Right now we are scheduling into August & September!
me: Oh, alright, thanks!

I completely freaked out! How in the world were we going to continue feeding Morgan things that I knew were causing her pain. Two weeks I could do...six months NO WAY!!!! So I talked with Neal and we would look at University of Michigan if we needed too. Said a few prayers and waited for Dr. Locke to call me back with more options. Dr. Locke called me at 3:30 yesterday to tell me that Morgan will see Dr. Conrad (in GR) at 1 on Friday!!! (Yes, a few days from now!!!!) Her scope will be the following Friday!!!!! They told Dr. Locke the same thing (August/September) and Dr. Locke said no way!!!!! Thank goodness!!!! Praise God for his answer to prayers!! Someone must have been praying hard!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's going on

Thought I would touch base! Morgan and I went to Holland Hospital on Friday to have the sweat test done again. We weren't allowed to leave until we had enough sweat! Morgan did really well having it done (considering all the drama on Tuesday). Once we had the little watch thingy on we went for a walk with our coat on. Through the hallway. It wasn't fun for Morgan (nor for myself!) She also couldn't understand why I wouldn't pick her up so she would "fall" on the floor and cry. Now this made me look like a bad mommy, so if people were coming I would be like, "come on Morgan, we need to sweat, so we can get that "watch thingy" off and go for lunch with Grandma!" I kept saying...let's go find the puppies in the gift we would walk a little and throw and fit again! I had lots of people looking at me!
We had the watch thingy removed only to be told there wasn't enough AGAIN! AHHHH! We were both sick of the hospital and wanted to go! So I had her call Dr. Locke who said, don't worry about it. So it was kind of a wasted trip to the hospital but also since Dr. Locke said don't worry about it we figured our chances of having CF were very slim! So we were thankful for that!
I haven't heard anything from the specialist yet. I was hoping we would have! It is so hard for me to not read the label on something and know it is bad and continue to give it to Morgan. Knowing what it is going to do to her! So hopefully they call tomorrow!!!