Monday, November 15, 2010

Tricker Treating

We had a VERY busy Halloween night. We started by going to Grandma Zwaag's and a few places around our house. Then we met my mom for supper and then went to Trunker Treat at church. From there we went to both the great grandparent's house! Morgs made out pretty well in the candy department (and so did mom & dad!!) Next year though we have decided to leave Neal at home! He sat in the parking lot chatting with the men and seemed to be on such a schedule (Michigan was playing!)

We changed the costume, after marching around as a jelly bean at school, I wasn't sure how that was going to work getting in and out of the car. Plus, from just walking at school we were losing balloons! I had so many complaiments on the costume...funny thing is I did it that day! I was also a present when I was young!

Morgs and her buddy Colton. We had to quick get a picture! They look scared because Aunt Carole had a crazy mask on when we got there and then she was trying to take their picture!

Halloween Party at School

Morgs and I were able to attend her Halloween party at school. It was in the morning and it was a change of pace for me to be the "helper mom" and not the "teacher". Her teacher had little activities for them to do and lots of food (even Gluten Free Brownies). We went on a parade with the other preschool classrooms in the building.