Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go Blue!

Our little girl is such a football fan! Not that she has much choice but it is so much fun to see her get into the game! She loves cheering on "her" Chix and Wolverines! My dad always said I was just like the little girl in "Remember the Titans" but that is so Morgan! I was laughing to myself on Friday night as she was yelling "go Chix" and "go defense!" I guess that's what happens when you attend 25 football games in the first year of life!

Hudsonville Fair

The last week of August we were able to babysit my nephew Traycen! Morgs was so excited!
We also had planned to go to the Hudsonville Fair that day! I love that fair! We met Denise & Courtney there and had so much fun looking at the animals and just walking around. We also watched this guy do a music show for the kids! Morgan was able to go on stage and play in the band! It was a great week for the fair! It was a great experience taking two kiddos (let's just say I called Neal at one point saying I think we are only going to have Morgs!!) I was glad that Denise & Courtney were there!! Morgs had a great time!

What's been going on?

Fall is such a busy time of the year for us. This year it seems to be extra busy! We had a great summer and I know that I enjoyed the extra time being home with Morgs and I'm very thankful for that!

What's new with Morgs?
Well, she has started school (daycare!) She goes with me in the afternoon to the YMCA daycare that is right in my building! It has been so good for her yet so hard! She has been going through some separation anxiety issues! Her teacher (Miss Alexis) has been great! She doesn't cry long but it is the thought that she is! She has met some great friends and loves the structure! When I do pick her up she is never ready to go! "This too shall would be good!"
She has been staying busy at home too! She loves being outside! She also loves cheering on her Chix! She loves going to Daddy's games and practices and hanging with the boys!! We are almost done with her bedroom too! So hopefully she'll be in there soon!

What's new with Rachel?
Well, I finally got a job! (most of you know this) I'm teaching afternoons at Duncan Lake Early Childhood Center in Caledonia. I teach in a Supported 4's preschool! It is a class of "general" ed. students and "special" ed. students. I can't believe I'm starting week 3 already! It has been going really well. I'm just trying to get a routine down! I feel that I live at school! I work with a great lady (and actually the whole school is wonderful women!) So it has been fun just very stressful!

What's new with Neal?
Neal has been SUPER busy with football! He has practice every night, games on Wednesday and scouting on Friday nights! He had his first win of the year on Wednesday so that was exciting! He is getting close to 50 wins which is great! This is his 14th season! Go Chix!

What's new with Boomer?
We don't want to leave him out!! He is doing well! Tolerates Morgs which we are very thankful for! He did take off a month ago on us but thank goodness Neal's Dad found him back! That was a very scary time and we told him not to do that again!!!!

We have been busy but we enjoy too! Hopefully winter slows down a little however, I don't think it will! I'm looking at going back to GVSU and finishing my masters!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday

So I'm a little behind! Morgan turned 3 in July!! Here are some pictures from the party!