Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's so Funny!

Last night Morgan was laughing for no apparent reason. Well maybe it was because she thought I was funny looking...I don't know. I wasn't doing anything besides taking the video. She just giggled & giggled! She is becoming such a ham! Morgan has been making this really crazy face. She crinkles her nose and kind of smiles. I haven't gotten it on film yet!! I'll keep trying! (Sorry the clip is so long!)


Some have asked to see my tiling job. When we built our house the people that did our fireplace mantle said it would look better with brick around it. So we were going to do that but we would have to cut the brick in half. So a few weeks ago Neal got this brainy idea that we should tile around it. So one night he came home and I had started. I have finally finished. We also wanted to tile above our shower in the bathroom. So I also finished that. It feels really good to "finish" something. I had never tiled before and Neal was pretty impressed. I actually enjoyed it and asked Neal what else I could tile! :)

This spring I plan on touching up with some paint in some areas and finish in others. This summer we will have been living here for three years, so hopefully all of these projects get done!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hope-Calvin Game

My mom got us tickets to the Hope-Calvin game and last night was the night! I have a confession...I graduated from Hope and I have never been to a Hope-Calvin game. I know it is sad. So last night was a first for Morgan & I! The game was awesome!!! Hope came out ready to play and won 76-59! The first four baskets were three pointers!!!! Here is the complete story from the good o'le Holland Sentinel!

Waiting for Daddy to decide what he was going to wear!

Morgan had enough! She slept through the whole 2nd half!! We have decided that Pastor Scott needs to play basketball while preaching!

Jesse had an incredible game - 19 points in the first half (this one is for you Roo!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Mommy-Morgan Day

I can't remember having 5 snow days since...I don't know when. I have to say though...I'M SICK OF WINTER!!! On the flip side though...I do get to have Mommy-Morgan Days!

Today we have been busy!!!! We laid in bed until 9ish (sorry Daddy! but I did get caught up on GH!) then we ate some breakfast. I finished the grout around the fireplace (I will post those pictures soon! I want it finished before I show my finished project!) We have watched our Baby Faith video, rolled on the floor, got another boo-boo (well she pulled the plant on her), watched Prices Right, ate some apples and now is taking a nap!

We are going to go a take a bath and just cuddle this afternoon and take a nap! I love these days!!!

Morgan after her apples!

Boomer hasn't quite figured out what is going on yet. I think he is sick of us being home when we aren't suppose to be home.

Friday, February 15, 2008

7 Months

It is so hard to believe that our little Morgan is 7 months old already! Time has gone so quickly!!! She continues to be a very happy baby (well when her teeth aren't bugging her). She is rolling all over the place (we call her the holy roller). Morgan loves watching her Baby Faith videos and playing in her excersaucer but what she loves most is being held and played with. She is close to crawling and she is "talking" more and more everyday. I continue to work on Mama and Neal continues to work on Dada...however, he tries to teach her while I'm teaching her first word might be Mada. We are so thankful that Morgan has stayed healthy (well besides the hospital stay). Neal & I are so thankful for her and we feel truly blessed to have her apart of our lives!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Morgan had a great first Valentine's! She got a new ball, 2 stuffed animals and a flower! This is Morgan's wish to you! Hope you had a good day!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Day Home

The joys of being in the education profession...SNOW DAYS! This is the fourth week in a roll that we have had a snow day. I'm really enjoying only working 4 days a week! However, I'm sure they are coming to an end and when it does I'm in for a RUDE awakening!

This weekend we pretty much laid low, which was really nice for all of us. These are a few pictures from yesterday. Today we are staying inside until tonight when we have to get our taxes done. It has been nice staying home (which is really abnormal for me....I'm a go-go type of person!)

Today has been nice though, I got some of the tiling done (I'll show pictures of that later!) and I made supper. Morgan is taking a nap right now (almost a hour and a 1/2 nap...that's LONG!)

I haven't quite figured out how Neal manages to get it ALL over!!

Morgan chilling out under the table

Getting ready for our Sunday afternoon nap (got to love those!)

Morgan is soooo close to crawling. She gets on all fours and rocks. Yesterday she moved forward just a bit and I know she did it last week for my dad. Only because he was teasing her with her toy. So our days are coming to an end when we can just leave her in the living room and know she will be there when we get back!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Morgan visits her BOYFRIEND

Yes, I know she is only 6 1/2 months old but Neal & I already have her boyfriend picked out. Soloman is 2 and he goes to our church. It is so cute because he says, "Neal's baby is my girlfriend. We are going to get married and go to Hawaii." He can say Morgan now but he is still taking her to Hawaii. The Klaasen family has been friends of mine for a long time and Neal's since we started dating! Their son actually was ring bearer in our wedding.

On Fridays I usually take Morgan to my aunt Lisa's but this week she had Jake home sick, so I opted to bring her somewhere else. So Carrie was very willing to take Morgan and Soloman said "bring Morgan NOW!"

So here are a few shots from the day....

Soloman giving Morgan a of the many they have shared already.

Lunchtime! Jesse, Soloman & Morgan

Look at the way they gaze into each others eyes! Love at first site!
How cute is that!
I hate to say though, after Morgan's visit, Soloman says he is getting a new girlfriend because Morgan pulled his hair! How stinking cute!!!! Thanks Carrie for watching Morgan!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Bowl Party

I really don't know what the problem is. I use to stay on top of it has been over a week AGAIN since I posted last. So there will be quite a few postings to follow!
This past Sunday we went to Doug & Laura's house (and Lena's too!) to watch the Super Bowl. Even though the Patriots lost (I really wanted the Giants to win but Neal would have won money if the Patriots won!) Oh well, it was fun to see them again. Lena & Morgan had fun together too, even though I didn't get any pictures of them "playing" together. We did discuss that when they are older they will probably be trouble...just like their daddys!!!
Morgan playing on the floor with her car keys!
Lena with her touchdown pose!

Morgan playing on her belly!


It has been a while since we have posted about I thought we would put a few pictures to let you know what Boomer has been doing!

We are not quite sure why he does this and no he isn't dead...but this is how he sleeps sometimes! I don't know...doesn't look to comfortable to me!
This was taken this morning...I think he is wondering why and the world are these people home...I know they are suppose to be gone! Morgan & I love snow days, I don't think Boomer does!

Breakfast in the Tub!

This morning I had another snow day!! Which is Morgan Day!! I love working but I would much rather stay home with Morgan. I use to enjoy snow days but now I love them. I just feel like I don't see Morgan that much so I love getting to spend the day with her (while getting paid!!!!)
This morning we had to have a bath...this was long over due but when I get home at night it is the last thing I want to do! So this morning I decided we would have bathtime. Morgan was hungry too so I let her eat in the tub!

Morgan being goofy!!

Morgan cracks me up...look at how she is "sitting" in the tub.