Monday, April 23, 2012


Holidays are always so busy!  We run from one side to the next!  However, I love the fact that we have family close by that we are able to do this and I love that my kids are able to see their family so often!!

We woke up Easter morning with Easter baskets!  Don't mind the messy look!!

We headed to church to celebrate our risen Savior!

After church we headed to my grandparents for lunch.  After a yummy lunch we went to the other grandparents for our Easter egg hunt!  156 eggs were hidden around my grandparent's yard!  I'm pretty sure the number of eggs increases every year!  Morgs made out pretty well and Bo even got a dollar!

After the Easter egg hunt we headed home (after dessert of course).  Repacked and headed to Neal's parents for supper!  A busy but wonderful day!

Roller Skating

Over Spring Break we went skating.  This was Morgan's first time and mine in a LONG time!!  We went with my aunts, cousins and grandma (not everyone participated!!)  It was so much fun!  Morgan was VERY nervous at first and would hold my hand (and I was nervous because it had been so long).  I was able to push Bo in a stroller so that was helpful for the balance!  By the end of the two hours Morgan was skating by herself!  She'd look at me and just go!  She had a blast and had fun with her cousins!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 months

Bo Baby:

7 months!

-You were in the doctor's about 2 weeks ago and weighed 23 POUNDS!  You LOVE food!  You have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables!  The only veggie you haven't liked is peas and I think that was because it was too thick
-You wear 6-9 months clothes but mom has been putting you in some 9 months and even 12 month clothes!  Pretty sure the 18 month jacket that's suppose to be for next winter will not fit you!!!
-No teeth yet but you act like you're going to get one any day!!
-You wear size 3 diaper
-You eat every 3-4 hours and can go longer now because of the fruits/veggies and cereal.  You also only eat 4 ounces now
-Naps are still very bad but you think you might miss something
-Still a very happy baby!  Even when you're sick!
-You love to jump in your johnny jumper
-You have started clapping!  One night you were at Grandma & Grandpa Zwaag and just started doing it!  So cute and you get so excited when you do it!

Pretty sure you will be crawling soon!  You get on your knees and rock!!!  Love you so much buddy!