Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing with Daddy

Neal and Morgan had their first (of many) daddy/daughter dances. I'm not sure who was having more fun!!!!

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was a VERY busy weekend. Saturday morning we walked in our annual CROP walk for church. This is Neal & I's fourth walk and Morgan's first. I did remember the camera however it had issues this weekend. So I didn't get a picture. A lady from church took one so if I get it soon, I'll post!

Sunday, my cousin joined Ridgepoint Church, so we went there in the morning (8:30 AM that's early!!) Congrats, Lori! After church we had coffee/lunch at Uncle Gene & Aunt Carole's. Neal's cousin was home on leave from Iraq so we had a good-bye party! (Continue to pray for him and all of our service men & women!) After coffee we headed to Van Andel to watch my brother graduate from Davenport! Again, I have no pictures of him except these two!

Morgan was such a trooper!!! She did awesome considering we were at Van Andel for 3 hours!! She did get to go for a walk with Grandpa after Travis got his diploma. Congrats to my brother!!! After graduation, my parents took us for supper at Outback Steakhouse (Thanks Mom & Dad!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New friends

Well, we have waited a LONG time for these and they have now finally come threw!!!!!! This past weekend I saw that the gums in the front were swollen but I couldn't feel anything. I checked again on Tuesday night and sure enough, I could feel them! Both of her bottom teeth are FINALLY coming in!!!!!!!! This morning when we brushed our "teeth" we actually got to brush them!!!!!!

Sorry for the poor pictures. Morgan isn't quite ready to show them off yet!!! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Daddy time!

Last night we had prom at OAC. Since I was on prom committee, I had to be there. So, Morgan got to spend time with Daddy! (Thanks to Grandma B. & Great Grandma L. for watching Morgan until Neal got home!)

I guess Morgan got so dirty that Neal almost had to give her a bath. However, he was running out of time so a quick wipe down worked! How cute is she!!!!!
Not quite sure what is going on here...except that I'm thinking it isn't good!!!

They did come and visit me at prom and I will post pictures from that when I get them. Morgan really enjoyed dancing and all the attention that she got from the staff and students!

Morgan & Lena

On Thursday night, Neal's cousin (Doug & Laura & Lena) walked over for supper. We haven't seen them since the superbowl, so it was fun to catch up. We had a yummy supper. The ladies had fun inside with the girls and the boys throw the softball around in the yard. It was tons of fun!

Morgan & Lena

A true VanderZwaag-LOVES TO EAT!!!!!

Morgan waiting for more steak

Saying "good-bye"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

9 Months

AHHHH!!!! Our little baby is 9 months old already! It is so amazing how quickly she is growing up. I feel that when I pick her up from day care she is doing something new. We currently have learned to clap and she is starting to somewhat pull herself up on things (well, really just on my legs when she wants something!) Tonight she did manage to get up on her knees and lay in the coffee table. It was pretty funny! Still NO teeth!! The dr. said she saw them in there...so I guess there are going to come someday (hopefully) I have been told later teeth are better teeth...so hopefully!!!

Other than that we are enjoying watching Morgan grow. We are so thankful for her each and every day and know she is a gift from God.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Play Date #4

Our final play date was this afternoon. Morgan got to play with her cousin Jackson. Jackson & Morgan were suppose to be born a week apart however, Jackson decided to come earlier. So they are about 2 1/2 weeks apart. It was so much fun seeing those two interact because they are so close in age. It was also neat to see what Jackson does that Morgan will (hopefully) be doing soon! They both would follow each other around the room. It was super cute! Jackson can come over and play anytime since Morgan has now been sleeping for more than 2 hours!!! Thanks Jackson & Jodi for coming over and playing!

Morgan & Jackson crawled through the tunnel at the same time! Yes, Morgan is pulling his hair! We are still working on the hair thing!! Sorry Jackson!
Jodi-I want you to know that I fixed the tunnel (I found the directions!), so Jackson will have to come back and play! Maybe I'll bring it to your house when we come over!!

For Daddy

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Play Date #3

I didn't take any pictures from play date number 2 yesterday but we are having another one tomorrow, so I will try to take some pictures!!!!
Today Keelie & Caedmon came over to play. Keelie & I work together and we thought we would go to the Carter Warehouse sale and then come back to our house for lunch and play time. However, when we arrived at Carter's it was SUPER (I mean SUPER!) crazy so we decided to come back later. Caedmon & Morgan had a ton of fun. It is so cool to see Morgan interact with other kids and it is nice to talk with another mom who is experiencing similar things (ie-child not sleeping at night!!!!) even though we talk Monday-Thursday! Thanks Keelie & Caedmon for coming over and playing! We had a ton of fun!!!! Maybe we'll get to do it again this summer!??! Here are a few pics!
Lunchtime! (well, for Morgan anyway!)
Morgan wanted to show off her standing skills-Caedmon didn't want to be out done by a girl!

I'm going to get it first!

Another boyfriend potential??? What can I say! :)

Morgan stealing the toy from Caedmon (we're still working on sharing!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No more veggies

Ok, as you saw from a few posts before, Morgan is having a hard time with her veggies. Today, topped it all!

If you look carefully you can see it in her hair!! She did get a shower this morning, she may need another one!Minutes after cleaning her up! Maybe she was just tired???

Play Date #1

This week I'm home on spring break. So Morgan has been getting extra mommy time (which is good for her and I both!) This week I have planned 3 play dates for Morgan. Today we went to Sarah's and played with Leah (7 1/2 months) and Adam (2 1/2 years). It was great catching up with Sarah. I use to work with her at Debby's and now she works at Target, so I still get to see her often but I have seen the kids in a while! Morgan had a ton of fun and actually played more with Adam than she did Leah. I had to laugh though because I told Sarah we could be in-laws someday!! Another boyfriend for Morgan!!! We can't wait to hang out this summer!!! Thanks guys for letting us come over!

Morgan & Leah

Morgan & Adam (future husband???)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tigers Game

Yesterday we went to the Tigers game! Morgan did much better than the Tigers, who are now 0-4! It was very cold but it didn't rain! The game was good until they put Grilli in!! Great Grandma & Grandpa Lynema gave Morgan orders to yell at Maggs to get a haircut! She did! :)

Morgan fell asleep on the way there and slept for about an hour. She also took an hour nap at the game. She slept the whole way home after we had supper! She did awesome and we think we will try a game again only if it is warmer! :)

I also forgot to say, we have been given the ok for Morgan to eat more foods. Meats, cheese, oatmeal...so at Applebee's, Morgan order a burger, rice and a pickle! Well, not really but she did eat some of that off of our plates! :)

Here are a few pics!

Morgan all bundled, ready for the game! (I thought we were done with football!!!)
Morgan & Daddy, watching the Tigers lose!

Seriously, guys, can we leave yet?

Family Photo time!

We are being eaten by a tiger!

Friday, April 4, 2008

9 month checkup

Well, we have a very healthy little girl!!!! Morgan's ears look fine and the dr. said that she should be able to sleep through the night. They had a heart to heart, so hopefully she will start sleeping through the night again. Morgan came in at 20lbs 7 oz and 28 inches long! WOW!!!! We are so thankful for a healthy and happy little girl!!! Of course she wouldn't wave bye-bye to Dr. Locke! Go figure!!!

We also just got back from the Tigers but I will post about that tomorrow!! Morgan did awesome!

Big Girl Seat

Well, we finally did it. We bought Morgan the next car seat. Since she will be in car seats now until she is 8, we decided just to buy the next one. We will have to buy the booster once she is big enough for that. She wasn't too sure about it, but hopefully it will go alright. Today we are headed to the Tigers game. We hope for no rain and a WIN!!! Before that we have her 9 month check up!! So we will have lots to blog about tonight!! Here are a few pictures of her new ride!

Morgan is "SO BIG!"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Peas or Graham Crackers?

Last night I tried to feed sweet peas to Morgan. Typically when it comes to food, she doesn't make faces and tends to eat it up (just like her daddy!) However, this time it was different. She pulled faces everytime I would put some in her mouth. I have a hard time trying to make her eat her veggies because I really don't like them either. So after trying for a few minutes (I did get about 1/4 of the jar in her), I thought she would rather have a graham. Of course she enjoyed those much better than the peas!! Do you blame her??