Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Busy Weekend

Friday started our busy weekend! I had an interview at Holland Christian (where I didn't make second round and that's ok!). Then we met Lydia and Avery and Katie and Grayden at the park for a play date! I didn't realize that Helder Park had such a nice play place! It is designed for Morgan's age which is great! It was a little colder then what we were hoping for but the girls still had tons of fun! We had lunch (well Lydia & I did) and then played! Lydia & I are thinking these two are going to be trouble together! We are excited that they just joined our church and they live close to us!!!! Hopefully we can do it again real soon! Thanks for the fun time!
Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights, Neal & I had to both work :( So that took up a lot of our time!

Monday we went to the Zeeland parade! Morgan did alright but we stood back this time. I think I need to get some headphone thingys, so she can watch and not hear it! She is just like her daddy was...doesn't like loud noises! After the parade we went to the Olive Township service and then to breakfast at the Olive Center Diner (YUMMY!!!) Then we came home and took naps (well, tried to take naps!) I mowed the lawn and we started working on the basement!! Yippee!!!! A busy weekend!
I can't believe I'm almost done with school for the year. In my eyes I'm only 1/2 way through the year! Teaching at Whitehall has been a great experience for me and I'm hoping that it leads to a job somewhere (closer to home maybe??) We keep praying!!!! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend too!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

What a beautiful weekend and busy weekend! Neal & I both worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday plus did other things around the house! So it has been go, go all weekend...maybe a nap today?? :)

Today we are headed to the Zeeland Parade and then to Olive Township Cemetery. Possibly the Olive Diner (Located at the Old Township Hall-you should go if you are in the area!!!)

Today is a day we are suppose to take time to honor our men and women that have protected our land! We are so thankful for the freedoms that we have and the things we are able to do! We continue to pray for the men and women that are still serving and protecting our land. We also pray for the families of these men and women. For those that have served...THANK YOU! For those that continue to serve (Ryan Veneberg, Nate De Kock, Matt Van Den Beldt and many more!)...THANK YOU! For those that are thinking or heading into the service...THANK YOU!

God Bless the USA!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Parent Group at the Park

Last night was my last Parent Group for my job. We went to a park in Whitehall and had a hot dog roast! It was fun and so many parents and their children came, which was great! Neal & Morgan also came since it was my last group and probably the one and only time he could meet some of the staff and my students. Morgan loved playing and is much more into the park this year then last!! :)
Like I said, this was the last group for the year...well for me...maybe ever up in Whitehall. There isn't a job for me in the I'm bummed, disappointed, stressed and everything else. I do have an interview with Holland Christian for a preschool position tomorrow morning. So we'll see where that goes.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Corn on the Cob

Last night for supper we had our first of the year...corn on the cob! I was a little worried since it wasn't our neighbor's corn and it was from the store and it isn't like sweet corn is ready yet but it was pretty good for 19 cents an ear (Family Fare!) I started to cut it off the cob for Morgan but then decided to just let her go at it herself! She loved it and did really well eating it off the cob! Nummy!

22 Months

Our little girl turned 22 months on Friday! Where is the time going? In less then 2 months, we will have a 2 year old! It just doesn't seem possible! She will tell you that she is 2 already and she is surely acting like a terrible two year old at times too! Morgan is talking non-stop and will repeat anything and everything! Her favorite thing right now is to say...umm or she will say ice cream is nummy! So cute! She can count 1-10 (when she wants to-thank you Elmo!) and loves to read to her doll or just look at books! She loves Mickey & Elmo and loves Boomer! We love you sweetie!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Neal & I want to wish our Mom's a VERY Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for all you do for us and all you have taught us! Thank you for being a great example! We love you!
To all of you mother's out...have a blessed Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

5/3rd RiverBank Run

Today was the big day!!! Neal & I both decided back in January that we would run the RiverBank Run however it wasn't until last week that we finally signed up! Now today was the day! We got up early! and headed down to GR. We found a good spot to park and headed to meet my friend Hillary. Neal was going to do the 5k (3.1 miles) and I was doing the 10K (6.2) with my best friend Hillary and Neal's cousin Jodi. I was a little nervous this morning because I didn't really train well for this plus I haven't ran 6 miles in at least 10 years (or so!) So I was freaking out! My goal was to finish...our plan was to run/walk it! When we got to the 4 mile marker we were still feeling good...well we were soaked and sore but we were we got to the first big hill and decided to walk up it and then start running on the down hill. Well, that didn't last because some guy coming up behind us said "keep running!" So the "runner brain" started running and so we started running again! We ran pretty much the whole thing (minus the 50 yards or so) Our time was 1:11.09 (except for Hillary was 1:11.08-she always has to be better!!!) Neal's time was 31:59! So we were both happy!!! I plan on doing it again next year!

AHHH! & Still!

Yesterday, I took Morgan back to the doctor for her check up of her ears! Guess what? Still have the double ear infection. I was kind of thinking that she did since she didn't sleep good at all Monday night and she has kind of been crabby/clingy! So we are on medicine for another 10 days and we have to go back in June! Lovely! We didn't weigh her this time but I did ask to have her length measured! 32 3/4 inches!! Yippee!!!! (When we started this diet in Feb. she was 30 1/4 inches!) So we are thankful for the gains!! She is getting heavier too so I know she is gaining weight and Dr. Locke said she looked great!!!

Now since Mother's Day is quickly approaching (NEAL!!) I want to share my story of how I'm going to win mother of the year! On Fridays, Morgan gets to go to Grandma & Grandpa VDZ's house for about 2 hours while I'm at my homebound house! So yesterday we had a busy day planned (homebound, laundry, Tulip Time, Doctor and back to Tulip Time). We had a tight schedule, which I had all planned out! Anyway, I went to pick Morgan up and they were playing we talked a little and got ready to leave. I put her in the car to go home and realized that she locked my door and she was in there with my keys inside! So here we stand (Father & I) trying to convince Morgan to open the door. I run inside to call Neal (hoping he is close luck!) So we start to try to open it (clothes hanger, etc.) Finally, I'm starting to freak out and I'm like call a tow truck. So mother runs inside and calls the tow truck 10-15 minutes...ok...great she found some candy (like a year old) and starts eating that. She didn't really like that....wonderful she has now found "money" and is putting it in her mouth. Now I'm freaking!!! Finally, as the tow truck is about to pull into the yard, she hits the unlock button! She was ok...just warm! We still made everything by the skin of our teeth!!! Lesson learned-I won't make a habit of this!!!!

Well, Neal & I are off to the Fifth-Third Run...should be a great time!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tulip Time

Yesterday was a busy day for Morgan. She got to go to her first Tulip Time parade with Lindsey, Natalie & Ruby. She had a lot of fun! Thanks Lindsey for taking her with you!

Last night, Morgan and I headed back down there and watched my cousin Allison dance and a couple of friends from church. We tried to find Angie but we are going to go back on Friday and watch her! Morgan enjoyed the dancing and the junk food (boring popcorn) afterwards!
Morgan & Allison before the dancing!
Morgan's new seat!
Posing by the tulips! She tried touching one (thanks to Jordan's encouragement!)
Allison dancing! She did great! We are so proud of her!
Morgan & Allison...we were trying to get Morgan to smile but she never does around Aunt Carla!
Morgan and my cousin Jordan. He was trying to help her smile and pose!
This is a friend from church who dances alumni! At the end of the dance they let the kids come Morgan got to dance! She didn't quite know what to do! Thanks Kelli!
Angie & Robin found us on our way back to the car! Morgan is looking mad because Robin took her popcorn. Hopefully we'll see Angie on Friday

This year's picture by the Hope College sign

A year ago today...our baby is getting so big!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dandelion Festival

We had a busy day on Saturday! We went to the Dandelion Festival in the big city (if you would call it that!) of Borculo! I have to be honest...I didn't really know that people really liked Dandelions this much! I couldn't believe how many people come out for this event! The weather was beautiful!!!

The morning started EARLY (ask Ms. Morgan!) Neal & I decided to run in the Dandelion Almost a 5K race! It was good for me to see where I was at since I haven't trained a lot lately and that the 10K is next week! Neal & I both did alright for our first race!
Pre Race! She was ready to go!
Post Race...does she look tired?? :)
After the race was the parade! The parade lasted forever! I couldn't believe it! We stood/sat by Jordan, Natalie & Ruby. Ruby loved the parade and Natalie was just like Morgan. We are thinking that Lindsey is making these girls be wimpy!! They handed out so much candy! Morgan didn't care for the parade up close but standing back she was alright. She didn't like the loud noise.
After the parade the church puts on a ton of activities! There were games for all ages! Morgan got to ride a real pony! She did so well and really enjoyed it. We were a little scared since she has been such a baby lately! She did great! The also had a bouncy toy thing for little kids and Morgan loved that too! They had a slide to get out and she had such a graceful landing!
A former football player of Neal's was there too and challenged Neal to the bungee cord thingy! He didn't win but it was entertaining!
We left about 1pm because Morgan was getting tired. We didn't make it a 1/2 mile and she was out!!!! Lots of fun for the first of many Dandelion Festivals.