Thursday, April 22, 2010

Morgan & Lady

Morgan LOVES animals (well most...she doesn't like mama cows)! My grandma Burton has a ton of animals at her house (cows, horse, chickens, dogs, cats, bunny...I think that's it)! We actually call it the critter barn! Morgan loves going out and seeing the horse! Morgan petted her, fed her grass and let Lady lick her new shoes! Morgs also kissed Lady a few times!

So Tired

Yes, she is sleeping!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


It has been a baby weekend!!! My best friend had her little boy on Friday morning!! I had dreams about it all night long so it was pretty crazy when I called her Friday morning only to find out that little Landon was born! He is super cute and we were able to visit/meet him on Friday night! So excited to be an "aunt" Congrats Hillary & Adam!!!!
Morgan did awesome holding him! She just sat there an stared at him! She hasn't quite figured out why we had to visit him at the hospital..."Shouldn't he be home??" I had to share him with her which I didn't enjoy!!! :)
Last night we received another phone call saying that Elma Faye was born! Neal's cousin Doug & Laura welcomed another little girl! We had to visit her today too!!!! How exciting! Congrats to you guys too!
Morgan was loving holding another new baby (all by herself!!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Holidays are always so busy for us! This Easter didn't seem too bad. We started the morning out by going to church! Then we stopped at my grandparents for coffee and then headed to my other grandparents for lunch! After lunch we had an Easter egg hunt! Headed home for naps and then Neal's family came over for supper! A busy but fun day!

opening her Easter basket
Picture before church
An attempt at a family picture! Love the wind!Jordyn & Morgan looking for eggs


Morgan has been going to gymnastics for six weeks. She goes on Thursday nights for 1/2 hour. I won eight free weeks to Horizons in Hudsonville. She is enjoying and has made some new friends too! The class is a perfect size and she has really been learning a lot. Morgan says her favorite part is jumping on the tramp and singing while stretching!

Waiting to do stretches

Doing the bars with Ms. Stephanie! She has been great
At the end of the class they get to ring the bell! Then they put their right hand on their head and get a stamp! This is a highlight of the night!