Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from our house to yours

Merry Christmas Eve!!! On the eve of our Lord's birth, may you remember the real reason for the season. It isn't the presents under the tree but the "birth of baby Jesus, born in a barn to save our sins!! It's Jesus' birthday!!!" (Morgs' take on Christmas). We have been really stressing with Morgan that Christmas isn't about all the gifts but about the birth of Jesus. Our biggest and best gift we will ever receive. May you be richly blessed this season and in the coming year!
Neal, Rachel, Morgan & Boomer
But the angel said, "Do not be afraid. I am bringing you good news. This is happy news for all the people: today in Bethlehem, God's Son was born. You can go see Him. He is wrapped warm and snug in a manger!" (taken from Morgan's Bible) "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus"

On this day too...we want to send a special shout out to our cousin Kevin in Afghanistan (and all the men and women fighting for our freedom). We hope you have a wonderful Christmas Kev!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Still here...

I promise we are still here!! We currently don't have internet at home so the blog has taken back burner! We will be getting internet back again next month since I'm starting classes on my masters!! I'm taking 9 credits! Not sure what I'm thinking but I want to be done with this and Neal has given me his blessing! So I know I will make it! 1 on-line class and 2 weekend classes! We'll be fine!!

I can't believe that I have one more week of school and then two weeks off! It is so crazy to think that 2011 will be here soon! It seems just like yesterday we were all freaking out (well, some more then others) about the whole Y2K stuff! Seriously! Crazy!

Morgs has been doing really well! We decided that daycare wasn't for her and have pulled her from that! She is now a preschool! She goes two afternoons a week still in my building! She started the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and is loving it! It is so fun to see her actually learning something now! Drop off is so much easier (she cries for like 2 seconds and then she's good!) So thankful!

Neal is staying busy at work as well and we are so thankful for that! They are short handed but don't want to hire someone only to potential lay them off or have to cut hours in April! So we are happy with the extra hours and will take that!

Well, I need to get going home...but here's a little up date on us! Have a great weekend

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tricker Treating

We had a VERY busy Halloween night. We started by going to Grandma Zwaag's and a few places around our house. Then we met my mom for supper and then went to Trunker Treat at church. From there we went to both the great grandparent's house! Morgs made out pretty well in the candy department (and so did mom & dad!!) Next year though we have decided to leave Neal at home! He sat in the parking lot chatting with the men and seemed to be on such a schedule (Michigan was playing!)

We changed the costume, after marching around as a jelly bean at school, I wasn't sure how that was going to work getting in and out of the car. Plus, from just walking at school we were losing balloons! I had so many complaiments on the costume...funny thing is I did it that day! I was also a present when I was young!

Morgs and her buddy Colton. We had to quick get a picture! They look scared because Aunt Carole had a crazy mask on when we got there and then she was trying to take their picture!

Halloween Party at School

Morgs and I were able to attend her Halloween party at school. It was in the morning and it was a change of pace for me to be the "helper mom" and not the "teacher". Her teacher had little activities for them to do and lots of food (even Gluten Free Brownies). We went on a parade with the other preschool classrooms in the building.

Monday, October 18, 2010

11th Family Hayride

Well, we think it was our 11th and we couldn't have asked for better weather! We had lunch at my aunt and uncle's and then went on our hayride. We had 32 people there and we have gotten so big we had to have two wagons this year! My dad drove one (with my help!) and my uncle Eric (with Ben's help) drove the other one! It was a great day with great weather and great scenery!

Morgs getting ready with my cousin Allison

The other wagon driven by my uncle

Next year's driver!! Oh my watch out!
Morgs bringing the tractor back with my dad! She is becoming so brave!

Early Tricker Treating

Last weekend we went to Dutch Treat Campground. My grandparents were camping there and invited us out to visit. Every year they do a Halloween weekend. It was so much fun and they had a ton of activities for Morgs! We couldn't have asked for better weather either!

The group getting ready to get some candy! The campers hand out candy! Morgs made out like a champ!
Cora & Ben (my cousins) and Morgs
On the hayride!

Homecoming Parade

Morgs was able to ride in the homecoming parade with my dad! She held her ears the whole time since the fire trucks were right behind her!

Go Chix

We have been so busy with football this fall. It seems to take up every night (well it feels like it anyway!) Neal's team has been doing really well. I think they have one loss and we have two games left! Morgs loves going on the field and hamming it up with the guys!! They are all so good to her!
The varsity team has been doing awesome this season too! So we will be following them in the playoffs (well, Morgs and I will since Neal scouts for them) Hopefully we'll be at Ford Field over Thanksgiving!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go Blue!

Our little girl is such a football fan! Not that she has much choice but it is so much fun to see her get into the game! She loves cheering on "her" Chix and Wolverines! My dad always said I was just like the little girl in "Remember the Titans" but that is so Morgan! I was laughing to myself on Friday night as she was yelling "go Chix" and "go defense!" I guess that's what happens when you attend 25 football games in the first year of life!

Hudsonville Fair

The last week of August we were able to babysit my nephew Traycen! Morgs was so excited!
We also had planned to go to the Hudsonville Fair that day! I love that fair! We met Denise & Courtney there and had so much fun looking at the animals and just walking around. We also watched this guy do a music show for the kids! Morgan was able to go on stage and play in the band! It was a great week for the fair! It was a great experience taking two kiddos (let's just say I called Neal at one point saying I think we are only going to have Morgs!!) I was glad that Denise & Courtney were there!! Morgs had a great time!

What's been going on?

Fall is such a busy time of the year for us. This year it seems to be extra busy! We had a great summer and I know that I enjoyed the extra time being home with Morgs and I'm very thankful for that!

What's new with Morgs?
Well, she has started school (daycare!) She goes with me in the afternoon to the YMCA daycare that is right in my building! It has been so good for her yet so hard! She has been going through some separation anxiety issues! Her teacher (Miss Alexis) has been great! She doesn't cry long but it is the thought that she is! She has met some great friends and loves the structure! When I do pick her up she is never ready to go! "This too shall would be good!"
She has been staying busy at home too! She loves being outside! She also loves cheering on her Chix! She loves going to Daddy's games and practices and hanging with the boys!! We are almost done with her bedroom too! So hopefully she'll be in there soon!

What's new with Rachel?
Well, I finally got a job! (most of you know this) I'm teaching afternoons at Duncan Lake Early Childhood Center in Caledonia. I teach in a Supported 4's preschool! It is a class of "general" ed. students and "special" ed. students. I can't believe I'm starting week 3 already! It has been going really well. I'm just trying to get a routine down! I feel that I live at school! I work with a great lady (and actually the whole school is wonderful women!) So it has been fun just very stressful!

What's new with Neal?
Neal has been SUPER busy with football! He has practice every night, games on Wednesday and scouting on Friday nights! He had his first win of the year on Wednesday so that was exciting! He is getting close to 50 wins which is great! This is his 14th season! Go Chix!

What's new with Boomer?
We don't want to leave him out!! He is doing well! Tolerates Morgs which we are very thankful for! He did take off a month ago on us but thank goodness Neal's Dad found him back! That was a very scary time and we told him not to do that again!!!!

We have been busy but we enjoy too! Hopefully winter slows down a little however, I don't think it will! I'm looking at going back to GVSU and finishing my masters!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday

So I'm a little behind! Morgan turned 3 in July!! Here are some pictures from the party!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's beginning...

This has been a yearly picture (except last year when it was canceled)! I should put the one of her at a month old...compared to!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 year pictures

Neal and I decided to take Morgs' pictures again this year. So much cheaper then a professional! We did some in Saugatuck and some at home! I just ordered them today so I'm pretty pumped! Here are a few...
Neal's favorite (of course!!)

4th of July

Morgan and I (Neal had to work at Marro's) watched the fireworks in Allendale this year. They were great! We had great seats and were able to leave without much wait! Thanks Staat's for letting us use your yard!! :)

Lawn mowing with Daddy

Morgs hates loud noises!! We have to have her ear muffs with us if we know there may be something loud. She has gotten better though. Morgs has rode on Grandpa Tom's tractor and the lawn mower with no ear muffs (even though she still prefers them!)

This day she had just woken up from her nap. Asked for Daddy. So I had let her outside thinking Neal was there. Nope, she walked over to Neal's parents in her pull up and no shoes!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


My parents went camping in Lundington at the end of June! They wanted Morgan to go with and after some thought, we let her go. They went from Wednesday to Saturday! Morgs loved it and still talks about it! Lots of swimming, riding bike, feeding the BIG cat fish, playing on the playground and playing with friends(friends of my parents went too and they have two girls that Morgs loved playing with!)! She had a great time! There is an Elk farm close by that they went to visit

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too much energy....

Sunday Morgs had TOO MUCH ENERGY!!! So I made her run around the house twice! It was very entertaining because her shorts were way too big so they kept falling she forgot sorry if you drove past and saw a naked butt!!!

No power=play in the rain

We have had our fair share of power outages this year! The last time it went out about 7:30 and was back on by noon (thank goodness!!) Morgs was heading camping with my parents so we were trying to pack with no power! She thought she would ride her bike...being extra safe!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday

Morgan Lynn:

We can't believe you are 3 already! Where has the time gone! We love you so much! You are becoming such a beautiful little girl! We are so proud of you!

  • You are still working on the potty! We hope that you will have this down soon! Mommy & Daddy would love to take you to the zoo!
  • You are getting so big...38.5 lbs and 38 inches! We are so thankful for a healthy little girl!
  • You talk non-stop! You say the funniest things! We love listening to your stories and just plain listening to you talk!
  • You continue to amaze us with what you know! You are a smart little cookie!
  • You love playing outside! Riding your bike and walking to Grandpa & Grandma Zwaag's house
  • You love animals! All kinds! You love your Boomer James and ask for him often when you are gone! You love "your" horse Lady and rabbit Bella! You don't like Mama cows but for the most part you like all animals!
We love you Morgs and we are so thankful for you! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!

Daddy & Mommy

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Over Load Update!

I mock my friend Keelie because when she up dates her blog she up dates for the month...well I'm waiting to hear from you....there will be lots of up dates coming!!!!!!

Our little runner

My dad had this brainy idea that Morgs should run the 1 mile fun run at the Rural Rush in Overisel. I decided to run the 5k. I had reservations about having Morgan do it but we figured we could stop at any place and turn around. After the 5k was done (which I won't tell you my time but I will say I ran the whole thing which is an accomplishment since I haven't ran 3 miles since May 2009!! I'm finally able to walk today and not be in such pain!!) we lined up for the 1 mile fun run. The plan was that Morgs and my dad would run it and we would watch them. That didn't work...Morgs saw me up the street and decided she wasn't going unless I was going with her too...since we weren't that far up I start going with her! AHH! The longest mile in my life (I think I would have done another 5k then to run this mile) but the fact that she finished the whole mile and when we came around the corner to the finish line and the football players are clapping and people are cheering for was all worth it!!

Neal cut my dad's head off...I think I have a better picture on the camera! She loves her shirt that she got and I have a hard time getting it off of her!